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ICONS of Science Fiction (EMP)


My true desire was to make comments on the amazing job the Doctor Who franchise is doing with promoting the upcoming all-stops-pulled 50th Anniversary special, but with the mission parameters of keeping our prose focused on local causes, I’ve altered the focus to the ICONS of Science Fiction at the EMP

Using The Force, I sense your question, and in answer to it, yes, it IS actually just about the coolest place to hang out locally, and you should go there frequently to see the exhibits that have changed and support such a glorious local treasure. It even has Kirk’s original chair from NCC-1701.


But how do all these wonderful ICONS relate to social media you ask? Well, the EMP does an amazing job on promoting their events using their various social media channels.  Facebook is my primary mode of keeping abreast of what they’re doing, because ironically, even though I’m on their mailing list, I never get emails of upcoming events. So, social media tools are the only effective way to know what’s happening at the EMP and knowing what I’ve got to make room for on my schedule.

For a couple of examples: When James Cameron came to town to promote the opening of Avatar/Avatar Exhibit, it was only through social media tools that I heard about it. Sure some local TV news may have given a blip on it, but who watches live TV anymore? How gauche. I sure saw it in my FB News Feed though, and having the “Friends” that I do, saw the boards immediately light up with everyone Tweeting, sharing how to get the best tickets, where the best parking could be found, what time to get there, where we’re going to meet up for dinner, and it didn’t cost EMP a penny to target exactly those who’d be interested in attending. Consequently they were sold out very fast. Compare that against a radio spot, or TV ad which only about 1% of people who heard the message would actually care.

Another example: How many heard about the Battlestar Galactica exhibit? Probably not many, and yet it ran for over a year.  Through social media channels on http://www.BLASTR.com, http://www.SyFy.com, and http://www.empmuseum.com I knew about it a year before it opened, as did all my friends.

So, bringing this post to TerminationImage

we once again see that social media channels have the unique advantage of targeting the exact people that would be most interested in your message, with a fraction of the costs of traditional marketing strategies, and the added synergy of using your followers as advocates to advance and proselytize even more users to your cause.


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