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Wilderness Chic: Patagonia vs. The North Face





Patagonia and The North Face:  Competing high-end outdoor apparel companies with retail presence across North America.

Both companies are based in California, were founded within five years of one another (Patagonia in 1973 and The North Face in 1968), and each has a certain cult following.  The North Face maintains a brand that reflects a general affinity for the outdoors.  In contrast, Patagonia’s brand is more representative of environmentalism and conscientious living.  Each has retail presence in Seattle.

Here is a comparative breakdown of each company’s social overall social media metrics:



Tweets: 6,169
Photos/Videos: 618
Following: 2,139
Followers: 160K
370k FB likes
# of US retail locations: 30


Tweets: 6,916
Photos/Videos: 531
Following: 1,237
Followers: 197K
3.9m FB likes / 29k visits
# of US retail locations: 40


Using Topsy to run a deeper comparison over the past month, the explicit Twitter mentions follow similar patterns (and aptly appear similar to a mountain range).


The ebbs and flows of the chart may simply reflect a greater propensity to interact during weekdays than over weekends.  Perhaps Social Media Management does not work weekends, and perhaps just as well twitter users understand this fact.


In order to measure the overall impact of each campaign, we’ll turn to Klout.

Though each score is relatively high, Patagonia’s presence (89) is slightly greater than that of North Face (84).

Image  Image

With similar engagement stats for both Twitter and Facebook, it’s worth diving into a few of the other networks to see where this discrepancy may be rooted.  Each being Outdoor apparel companies, and the outdoors at times projecting brilliant aesthetics, I chose to examine Instagram:



It’s quite clear now: despite a similar number of posts, and despite following half as many accounts, Patagonia has more than 2x the number of followers as The North Face.  To me, this clearly represents a brand much more in tune with the millennial generation.  Perhaps they also feature more beautiful photography.  Regardless, this is undoubtedly an issue for The North Face, and they need to figure out how to match Patagonia’s numbers.









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CHRISTIE’S vs SOTHEBY’S; Who wins the social bid?



https://www.facebook.com/Christies    90,251 Likes

https://twitter.com/ChristiesInc     47.2K Followers | 4,552 Tweets | 9,840 Following

http://www.youtube.com/user/christiesauctions    3,216 Subscribers

http://www.weibo.com/christies   0 | 26,721 | 1,206


https://plus.google.com/+christies/posts   816 Followers | 237,861 Views


http://instagram.com/christiesinc   610 Posts | 28,520 Followers | 253 Following

https://www.pinterest.com/christiesinc/   45 Boards | 4,623 Pins | 16 Likes | 7,312 Followers | 274 Following 



VS  Image




https://www.facebook.com/sothebys    83,556 Likes

https://twitter.com/sothebys     33.7K Followers | 3,924 Tweets | 839 Following

http://www.youtube.com/sothebys    3,593 Subscribers

http://weibo.com/sothebyshongkong   120 | 53,355 | 1,072

Youku – n/a

https://plus.google.com/108065664091826437632/about   434 Followers | 2,710 Views

http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/sotheby’s   (only for posts tagged #sotheby’s)

http://instagram.com/sothebys  520 Posts | 19,136 Followers | 115 Following

https://www.pinterest.com/sothebyshomes/   35 Boards | 899 Pins | 32 Likes | 778 Followers | 100 Following

flickr – n/a


It seems like Christie’s is bidding up on majority of the social media platform, except for the southeast Asia region where Sotheby’s seems to be more active.  Based on a quick review of content and engagement, Facebook and Twitter seem be the most popular channels for both auction houses.  Christie’s content on YouTube is more current and relevant from a subscribers’ perspective whereas Sotheby’s last post was a month ago and their channel is not as user friendly.  Sotheby’s Pinterest site is primarily focused on their real estate business whereas Christie’s resembles their core auction business.   Interestingly, their Instagram sites are very similar to one another.  Sotheby’s website includes an “All blogs” section that includes detailed write-up and photos from various special events.  This could be a great way to engage followers, but it seems to be utilized as a one-way communication tool.  In general, there is more marketing than engagement by both Christie’s and Sotheby’s, but Christie’s seems to ahead in the social media game thus far.  

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You are what you drink… Monster vs Pepsi

monster vs pepsi

As energy drinks have changed the way we think about soft drinks, they have also changed the way beverage advertising and social media is done.  It is interesting to compare the two different approaches from the new school of soft drinks, Monster Energy to the tried and true traditional, Pepsi.  Both are represented on all of the major social media websites, however each uses the outlet for a different purpose as they target a different audience and choose to spend their advertising money in totally different ways.


Pepsi uses social media in much the same way as they use their website, as a way to get more eyes on their advertisements.  Although they have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, they only promote the first two.

Pepsi.com website

Flipping Through Pepsi’s social media pages feels much like flipping through the pages of a magazine.  Post after post are just traditional product advertising.

pepsi facebookpepsi twitter

Going to the Monster Energy webpage you get a totally different feel.  If you didn’t know what Monster Energy is, you wont find out here.  The webpage is not made to promote the drink, but the lifestyle.  On the front page they give links to all of their social media websites not once, but twice.

Monster homepage

Just like Pepsi, they do a good job of keeping the same branding and feel of the webpage across their social media outlets.  However; Monster continues their promotion of the lifestyle as opposed to their product.  Monster may be spending big bucks on print advertising just like Pepsi, but it doesn’t show, they consistently show off the money they are spending to sponsor events, extreme athletes and party girls.

Monster Facebook Monster Twitter


Even though Monster certainly promotes itself as the cool kid on the block, their numbers don’t necessarily back them up.  Pepsi still dominates on followers, likes, talked abouts, and views even with less posts.

pepsi vs monster

Who Wins?

The question of who wins is tough to answer, Pepsi makes more net income in one quarter than monster made in sales all last year, but that also means Pepsi should have a much larger budget and following.  Also as the “next generation” of soft drink drinkers grow up, will they still want to look at magazine adds, or guys doing backflips on bicycles?  If Pepsi wants to keep their advantage they may have to change the way the talk to the world through social media.

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