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Christie’s vs. Sotheby’s Part II – Analytics

In order to analyze social media activity for both Christie’s & Sotheby’s, I used Topsy to look at their Twitter activity and Simply Measured to look at their Facebook activity.  These are two most active channels for both.  Christie’s is clearly winning the Twitterverse as well as Facebook both in terms of quantity and quality.  Christie’s has higher number of followers and tends to do a better job sustaining the engagement of their followers.  Sotheby’s appears to be using the channels primarily as a marketing channel to advertise for upcoming auctions or shows whereas Christie’s continues to have a dialogue with their clients to stay engaged.



Simply Measured

SimplyMeasured1 SimplyMeasured2


Would you pick between the two based on their Social Media activity?   If you say yes to that, then I recommend you click on the links above and make your own bid.


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CHRISTIE’S vs SOTHEBY’S; Who wins the social bid?



https://www.facebook.com/Christies    90,251 Likes

https://twitter.com/ChristiesInc     47.2K Followers | 4,552 Tweets | 9,840 Following

http://www.youtube.com/user/christiesauctions    3,216 Subscribers

http://www.weibo.com/christies   0 | 26,721 | 1,206


https://plus.google.com/+christies/posts   816 Followers | 237,861 Views


http://instagram.com/christiesinc   610 Posts | 28,520 Followers | 253 Following

https://www.pinterest.com/christiesinc/   45 Boards | 4,623 Pins | 16 Likes | 7,312 Followers | 274 Following 



VS  Image




https://www.facebook.com/sothebys    83,556 Likes

https://twitter.com/sothebys     33.7K Followers | 3,924 Tweets | 839 Following

http://www.youtube.com/sothebys    3,593 Subscribers

http://weibo.com/sothebyshongkong   120 | 53,355 | 1,072

Youku – n/a

https://plus.google.com/108065664091826437632/about   434 Followers | 2,710 Views

http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/sotheby’s   (only for posts tagged #sotheby’s)

http://instagram.com/sothebys  520 Posts | 19,136 Followers | 115 Following

https://www.pinterest.com/sothebyshomes/   35 Boards | 899 Pins | 32 Likes | 778 Followers | 100 Following

flickr – n/a


It seems like Christie’s is bidding up on majority of the social media platform, except for the southeast Asia region where Sotheby’s seems to be more active.  Based on a quick review of content and engagement, Facebook and Twitter seem be the most popular channels for both auction houses.  Christie’s content on YouTube is more current and relevant from a subscribers’ perspective whereas Sotheby’s last post was a month ago and their channel is not as user friendly.  Sotheby’s Pinterest site is primarily focused on their real estate business whereas Christie’s resembles their core auction business.   Interestingly, their Instagram sites are very similar to one another.  Sotheby’s website includes an “All blogs” section that includes detailed write-up and photos from various special events.  This could be a great way to engage followers, but it seems to be utilized as a one-way communication tool.  In general, there is more marketing than engagement by both Christie’s and Sotheby’s, but Christie’s seems to ahead in the social media game thus far.  

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