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Hootsuite Analytics

After hearing and reading about Hootsuite in class, I wanted to try out Hootsuite for the third assignment. It could also be that my free trial with SocialBro had expired. Regardless, Hootsuite turned out to be a better tool to measure a company’s social effectiveness when compared to Social Bro and an “almost” one-stop tool for analytics. I was able to integrate the three prongs of our team’s social strategy into Hootsuite – Facebook, WordPress blog and Twitter account.
Hootsuite - Fido 1
The analytics tool only measured the Facebook and twitter feeds. While Hootsuite connected to the blog, the analytics tool did not show basic blog stats which were only available through the WordPress account. Hootsuite Analytics tool only measures Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. While the tool is easy to use and has pretty basic reporting available (in the free version), it will need to be complemented by other analytics tools to get a comprehensive picture. Hootsuite allows you to create a custom report when you upgrade to the pro version, but you only get 1 report per month with the pro version. Any additional custom report cost almost $50 making it an expensive proposition. Overall, I was not impressed with Hootsuite’s analytics capabilities.


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SocialBro – Explore your twitter community

How do you take advantage of twitter and standout among the millions of tweets? How do you target your tweets to a local audience? SocialBro is a tool that focuses on analyzing your twitter community. The best thing about SocialBro is that provides an easy way to visualize your customers and according to their tag line – get the most out of Twitter for your business.
Social Bro has filters and search functions that help you analyze and engage your twitter community as well as your tweets and also to find the best time to interact with your followers. It has an analytics dashboard that shows you your twitter statistics. There are multiple options to choose from based on your needs as well as free version that you can try out. Once you sign in SocialBro using you twitter account, all your twitter information is imported into Social Bro and analyzed. The tool has a clunky looking interface, but once you get used to it, you can use some of the advanced features to research and gather insights real time.

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Filed under Uncategorized – Social Food Networking at its best is a Seattle based company that bills itself as the world’s #1 digital food brand with more than one billion annual visits to its website. The company started as in 1997 and grew into with more than a million recipes all contributed by an active community of socially engaged home cooks. The sheer number of recipes and variety is staggering and a little overwhelming to be honest, but the site makes it easy to browse the well-organized content with its simple to use layout.
Source:, November 2012 is one of the top 10 social sites, because it allows the users to engage through all available social platforms – member blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube cooking videos. It has sustained interest by
• Updating digital content regularly – a new DinnerSpinner app, a video cookbook app designed for the iPad, a new Allrecipes Allstars community etc.
• Targeting audiences and developing specific content in partnership with CPG companies like Nestle, Campbell’s soup etc.
• Organizing competitions and sweepstakes like the “2012 Best Thanksgiving Ever”
The company’s use of Pinterest was so successful that it has become a case study for Pinterest. redesigned their site to make it easy for their users to pin recipes. As a result of the redesign, more than 50,000 recipes were pinned in first three months, 139 million Pinterest impressions were created and a more than 900-percent rise in clicks on the Pinterest content.
In summary, the company has been successful because it has been able to stay ahead of global digital food trends and by creating new products and sites to sustain engagement from its users and thereby generating meaningful content.

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