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Redbox vs Netflix

Redbox and Netflix are two companies on a collision course. Dominate players in different areas of the DVD rental space; they both now have their sights set squarely on internet streaming. To analyze how this battle is playing out over social media, let’s use some different social media analytics and measurement tools to compare and contrast these two titans.

Social Mention:


Netflix has higher scores on strength, passion, and sentiment. This tells us that Netflix is discussed more often and, because of the higher sentiment ratio, is discussed more favorably than Redbox. Netflix has more passionate advocates who discuss the brand more frequently.



Topsy is a tool that shows data on tweets per day over different time periods. Here we can see the difference in tweets for Netflix vs Redbox is enormous; 35k Redbox tweets in the last month vs 2.6 million for Netflix.

Weather these stats are an indication that Redbox needs more focus on their social media strategy or that Redbox is lagging Netflix due to fundamental differences in the perception of their brands is up for debate. For Redbox’s sake, hopefully the former, which wouldn’t be as difficult of a fix, otherwise, they are in serious trouble.


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Walk Free Foundation

Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

Yes, post are regularly made at a rate of 1-2 day.

How many people contribute to the social channels?

The Walk Free Foundation is shown as the only contribution. It is unclear how many people this comprises. It is either a small team or one very dedicated person.

What is the message they are getting across?

They are education their follower about the scope of the issue, i.e. that it far more prevalent that one might expect.

Who are they trying to reach?

They are trying to reach socially aware people who might contribute in some way to their cause.

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Progressive & State Farm – Safe and Secure vs. New and Exciting

Insurance is a giant market. It’s a product that most consumers need to purchase. It’s also a fairly bland product which presents a challenge in creating customer engagement in their social media. How do these two companies rise to the challenge? In very different ways.

What is interesting about both approaches is that neither company posts about their product but instead engage their customers by focusing on seemingly unrelated topics that are appealing and interesting. Looking closer we find their strategy is a direct extension of their brand identity.

Progressive’s posts are about new technology and science – Interesting and engaging, while at the same time, consistent with their brand identity of being innovative. State Farm, on the other hand, posts about how to maintain ones car and household tips which is consistent with their brand identity of dependability.

Looking at the statistics below, we can see that both approaches are successful. State Farm, the leader has superior likes both for their page and posts on Facebook which shouldn’t be a surprising for the leader in the industry. The rapidly growing Progressive, with 70% of the likes of State Farm, appears to be “punching above its weight” for a company that has less than half the market share of the leader State Farm.


Progressive         State Farm
Facebook likes:                 254,494                     355,119
Twitter followers:            26,600                        50,100
YouTube subscribers:    8,114                           12,818
LinkedIn followers:          27,779                       105,779
Instagram followers:           NA                             2,475

AUDIENCE: Consumers (automotive)
EDITORIAL: 1 every 2 days, new technology, science
BRAND TONE: Cutting Edge, Exciting, “Progressive”

COMMUNITY: 254,494 (Facebook)
ENGAGEMENTS: 25-50 likes per post (Facebook)



State Farm
AUDIENCE: Consumers (general)
EDITORIAL: 1-2 posts per day, automotive tips, household tips
BRAND TONE: Friendly, educational, domestic

COMMUNITY: 355,119 (Facebook)
ENGAGEMENTS: 50-250 likes per post (Facebook)



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