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Viralheat: Social Media Analytics Tool or Cheesy 70’s Movie?

Coming hot off the heels of SproutSocial, I thought I would take a look at a different social media analytics tool.  And, after looking around on Google for a while, I settled on Viralheat.  I think I was drawn to it because the name brought to mind images of a cheesy 70’s movie, a la Caged Heat.

Viralheat allows you to combine up to 30 accounts, do cross profile searching and analytics, and also sentiment trending.  It is a fairly sophisticated analytics tool, perhaps too sophisticated for a neophyte such as myself.  In the end, I found it to be not very intuitive, and difficult to use.  Another issue seemed to be that everything I wanted to do required an upgrade from the free version to the pro version, then once I did that, I needed to upgrade to the premium version.  If they had just said that you have to have the premium version to do anything of significance, I would not have found the process to be so arduous.

Overall, I find SproutSocial to be much more intuitive, easy to use, and a more robust tool than ViralHeat.


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SproutSocial: One stop shopping for social media management

Does your team need to manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts?  Do you also need to incorporate your Google Reader feeds?  Well, with SproutSocial you can do it all.

SproutSocial provides the ability to integrate, manage, and report with up to 10 different social media accounts in a collaborative, team environment.  Unlike other applications where team members need to share a login, SproutSocial allows for separate users to access all the same accounts and information, or whichever level of access that you permit.  One of the benefits of this model is the ability to have individual task lists and tracking for individual team members.


Another benefit of this application is the ability easily see reports and metrics for all of your accounts in one location.  Using the easy to use interface, you can quickly view multiple reports and metrics about your sites.  Finally, not only can you view all of your messages in one place, you also have the ability to create and schedule posts for all of your accounts at once.


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University of Washington


If you are a huge institution like UW, how do you disseminate the constant flow of information, events, and content to your constituents?  Through social media of course!

UW has embraced social media with a passion.  On the website, you will not only find links to it’s Facebook and Twitter pages, but also to YouTube and iTunes U where audio, video, and podcasts can be found.  By following the facebook and twitter pages, you will be kept constantly up-to-date with the latest news and events for the school.  For instance, on April 5-7 there is the Paws-On Science: Husky Weekend at the Pacific Science Center.

Go Dawgs!!

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