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FroYo (frozen yogurt)

Just recently, my cousins had introduced a few cute frozen yogurt shops to me…and now we’re addicted:

Guess which one is mine in each picture….


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Day 4: MAI School Fundraises $946

Do you think someone generous could donate $54 to achieve an even $1,000 by the end of the day today?

I am excited to see the Facebook liks increase from 53 by the end of class yesterday to 68 today.  I think our best social media channel has been FaceBook. I mean, check this out!



I’m sure Krishnan’s grandfather is probably more excited to see such great support from his grandson’s friends/classmates.


Please help us spread the word about MAI School:

Please donate:

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MAI School has raised $700 for new seats/benches…keep ’em coming

As of 6:00PM today, we’ve got $700 of generous donations from our personal network of friends and other supporters. THANK YOU to our supporters!



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67 Days Until Graduation…Then What?

What are your plans after graduation?

      Find a new job?


      Spend more time with your family?


      Play more video games?


      Host more parties at your house?


      Travel the world?


      Work out and work off all that “$67K” ice cream you’ve eaten during school?


      Establish your own business?


      Renovate your house?


      Finish planning your wedding?


    Have a baby?

We’re almost there…

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