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Likealyzer – Simple tool to analyze your Facebook page’s performance

Likealyzer is a very simple tool that lets you analyze your Facebook page and identify action items that will help you improve your performance.

Using Likealyzer is simple – Just go to and type in the URL to your Facebook page.


You are immediately presented with stats on how well your page is doing. Your page is graded on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher you get, the better. You are also provided with stats on your page. There is a green tick mark on things that you did well and a red cross on things that are not done well. Clearly, the immediate action item for you will be to address the issues highlighted with red crosses.


Another pretty useful feature with the tool is to be able to view some of the top pages on Facebook. All you need is click on the TopList button on the landing page and it brings you a list of pages that have great scores after being analyzed by the tool. This is a great opportunity for all you social media enthusiasts to check out how some of the top performing pages have managed to get things right.


All in all, optimizing your social media pages is essential to have a successful social presence for your business. Likealyzer is a very handy tool that is both simple and free to use. It is definitely worth using for every business that wants to make its presence felt in the market.


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Pinning your growth on Pinterest

Pinterest’s growth story is now well known. It is one of the top few social networks and is seeing considerable interest from the retail industry. Thanks to its picture focused design that makes sharing really easy, Pinterest has become the most convenient social medium to talk about products and deals – an opportunity that a shrewd retailer must never miss.

Comscore did a study on the buying power of pinterest and here are the results:



Clearly, Pinterest is the most attractive social media strategy for retailers. Read more on this here.

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InboxQ – Cool tool to find customer leads through twitter

How do you get new customer leads for your business? One way is to find customers who have problems which can be solved by your product. But how do you find such customers?  No need to run around any more – you have InboxQ a real time Twitter monitoring tool.

InboxQ enables you to find questions related to one or more keywords on Twitter and provides you an easy way to respond to those questions right away. The tool can be installed as a plugin on your browser (chrome/firefox) and enables you to setup campaigns (composed of one or more keywords), for each of which you can track the trending questions.

I setup a campaign for Xbox and found a bunch of interesting tweets related to it. I could even answer some of the queries right away by clicking on the answer button. If you are selling a product/service, this forms a great tool for you to snap potential customers.


Click here to view a video on how to use this tool and check its cool features.

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Social media everywhere, but how to get people to care?

Image In today’s world where every company is striving for a social media presence, only a few of them have mastered the art of using social media. One such company is Zappos, a popular online retailer that specializes in shoes and apparel. The company was acquired by Amazon in 2009 and has its development center based in Seattle.

Over the years, Zappos has built an active social media presence, which has helped the company boost its traffic by a great margin. Zappos has tapped into all the major social media channels as shown below


Social media strategy @Zappos – 3 useful tidbits

But today, everybody has social media presence in all major channels. But how is it that Zappos has a better presence that the rest? What has been the key behind its’ being successful with social media? Is there anything that Zappos does better than other retailers? The answers to these questions can be summarized into three pivotal principles:

1. Constant Optimization

Even subtle things like language can make a great difference in social media. Look at the two statements below that Zappos used on its site:

“Share your order on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest”

“Love your order? Share it!”

The first one was what they used initially. But when they moved to the second one the number of shares went up by 7%. This information was shared by the Director of Zappos Labs, Will young during a social media conference.

2. Continuous Activity

Zappos keeps its social channels very engaging with new events and deals. An interesting example is the Zappos fan of the week contest on Facebook. Fans are encouraged to send their photos with Zappos box and every week one is picked based on a popularity vote amongst fans. The selected picture is showcased on the Zappos wall thus encouraging more users to participate.



3. Innovating using social technology

Zappos Labs is a division that works on projects to enhance the sales and customer experience. They constantly try to build new tools to leverage the power of social technology. An interesting such concept that Zappos Labs is working on is a service that recommends purchases based on what users post on Pinterest. The tool is called PinPointing and is built around the primary goal of showcasing more products on Zappos that are trending. 

Summing it all up

Overall, the lesson for all companies out there is simple – “A mere presence in social media is no longer worthwhile unless you can make your presence felt by constantly engaging the users with activities, deals and compelling content”

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Which Social Media Strategy Works Best?

Few years back companies were looking for ways to leverage social media marketing but today things have shifted to an altogether new level. Now, companies are already into social media marketing and are looking for ways to optimize and identify the tactics that work best for them.

eMarketer surveyed some companies and found some useful data:



Click the following link to read the complete article –

It is an interesting read that talks about the strategies that have worked for companies. Enjoy!!!


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