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Who has better sentiment, Nike or Reebok?

In the past we’ve covered the social presence of Nike versus its much smaller competitor Reebok. Now that we have new social analytic tools at our disposal, we can continue the comparison with some cool insights. I used both TOPSY and socialmention*.

Starting off with tweets per day

While it was clear Nike would have many more mentions on Twitter, . I took a look at the past month and found an interesting pattern. Nike is much more volatile. It goes from ~70K to almost ~200K with a day (new campaign launch), dropping back just as fast to around ~90K for the rest of the week. The news just doesn’t stick, it gives only a temporary bump. Reebok on the other hand is much more stable, sure it has some ups and downs, but they tend to take a while to build up and then decrease. Funny enough, when comparing to the generic term “sneaker” – we can see that it has consistently outperformed the Reebok brand. So is the brand weaker than the product, or is Nike the outlier by being strong than its product (like “Frigidaire” used to be compared to “Refrigerator”).



In this case – it’s a tie. Topsy reports that over the past month Reebok had a positive vs negative sentiment score of 70 (from 154K tweets) versus Nike’s 72 (from 2.5m tweets).

Socialmention gives us a bit more in-depth information. It rates Reebok as heaving a 39% reach and a 12:1 sentiment ratio – meaning 12 positives for each negative mention and a huge neutral majority. Nike o the other hand, has an ever so slightly larger reach of 46% with a better sentiment ratio of 16 positives for each negative.


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My team is joining the anti-human trafficking cause. I found the following organization that is also part of the movement: .

It looks like they are active in 3 social channels, and from what it looks like it is probably the same person updating all three. The message is coherent and consistent between the channels.

The organization is trying to reach all individuals across the globe, by pushing them to take action. Join movements, get involved politically, attend events – and they also “thank” corporations that act responsibly, which I would assume it so that individuals know to reward those companies.

I don’t see a clear editorial calendar. Facebook seems to be updated sporadically, sometimes daily and sometimes weekly. Whereas Twitter is consistently updated, sometimes even multiple times a day. Google+ is just a replica of Facebook, but doesn’t seem to get any extra attention or even have the graphics the Facebook page has.

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Nike and Reebok – who wins online?

Hi Everyone!

I’m happy to be the first to start off a series of upcoming posts comparing the social presence of various brands.

In my post I’ll compare the social presence of Nike and Reebok. Brands we all love that started with shoes and are now selling various apparels. Let’s start with some dry data about each brand’s online assets:

    Nike Reebok
  Joined June 2010 October 2013
  Likes 17.1 million 2.8 million
  Followers 3 million 265,000
  Tweets 13,100 6,937
  Following 163 4,889
  Followers 4 million 53,646
  Posts 676 241
  Following 123 54
  Followers 1,653
  Following 18
  Address No Presence
  Views 62 million
  Subscribers 198,190
  Joined March 2006
  Address No Presence


As we can clearly see – Nike has a much more popular presence all over, but that’s not all. Nike has separate assets for each of its brands. Can you believe they manage approximately 16 Facebook pages and 17 Twitters handles? Not to mention more YouTube & Instagram accounts. Clearly Nike has a much larger presence. But is larger better? Not necessarily. For example, while Reebok has only about a tenth of Nike’s followers on Twitter, it has only about half of the amount of posts. Similarly, on Instagram, while Reebok only has about 1% of Nike’s followers, it has about half the amount of posts. It looks like Reebok is not willing to lose to Nike!

Both companies are updating their online assets at about the same cadence – usually only on weekdays. Nike has been online for a while, since March 2006 on YouTube, and June 2010 on Facebook. Reebok is a relatively newer entrant: It joined Facebook just a few months ago.

I would venture a guess that Reebok has only recently realized the importance of social media, but they aren’t starting slow. They’re going full speed ahead and joining all the networks and posting all the time.

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