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Honda vs Toyota – Social Analytics

I continued my comparison on Honda and Toyota from my assignment 1 where I had tried to research their social presence and had observed that Honda was active as compared to Toyota. (9.5k vs 6.5k tweets.  Hence, I have researched more using following tools on how active these companies and their followers are:

1) Followerwonk



Clearly, the user base for Toyota (19k users) is substantially large as compared to Honda (1.2k users) even though Honda offers more products than Toyota in the market and have a high tweeting and engagement rate compared to Toyota.  Followerwonk  shows only 0.5% of tweets being retweeted for Honda as compared to 16.5% for Toyota, @contacts for Honda though are much higher compared to Toyota. The URL tweets for Honda (13%) are also low compared to Toyota (27%).




The analysis from Social Mention can be verified here with Topsy to show Honda has been highly active in tweets for past month compared to Toyota. Its tweets seem to average around 23k per day as opposed to Toyota (@13k). The numbers are not similar in the reports but the activity is proportional in both the tools.


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Raven Rock Ranch – Helping at-risk youth with the help of “horse counselors”.


Raven Rock Ranch – Located in the heart of Microsoft Land in Redmond Washington, Raven Rock Ranch (RRR) has reached a unique zenith with their restorative work for both horses and animals. This place welcomes rescued horses coming from neglected or un-inhabitable conditions and troubled teens who are at high risk of getting into alcohol/drugs addiction, giving them opportunity to bond with each other and develop a unique trust amongst them both mentally and physically.

Co-founders Sandy and Tim Matts are the key figures behind this initiative. Sandy has been giving riding lessons to hundreds of kids both privately and through University of Iowa and is a NARHA certified instructor for handicapped riders. Tim has a strong background working as a consultant in business transformation and also is passionate about helping abused kids and animals. Raven Rock Ranch a non profit organization and operates on 100% donations.

The youth entering the program at RRR study in the program for free with no obligations for any tuition payments. Reading through the citations on the website, one can see that the teens are going through a a life changing experience during the program learning to be calm, responsible and self-confident individuals. The program specifically focuses on building cooperation, trust, mentoring, and responsibility with the goal of transferring these skills into their everyday lives and reconnecting with peers, family and their community.

Following are the ways you can make a difference in someone’s life at RRR:

Donations: In form of cash, check or credit card.

Horse Sponsorship: The horses at Raven Rock each have a unique past that gives them the ability to reach out to children in amazing ways…making them what we call “horse counselors”. Sponsoring the care of one of our “horse counselors” enables Raven Rock to continue to offer a free program to all children that visit the ranch. The amounts can be as low as $3.50/day for sponsoring the horse counselors which will some of the hay for the horses.

Additional needs/wish list: RRR is always in need of other items such as riding helmets, hay, carrots and try to keep this information updated on their website at following address:  

If you or someone you know is able to help them please spread the word. We are sure your deeds will be well appreciated by their newly added and youngest team member Bergitta (“Bergie”)



And by “Sport” who is their senior most member of the family.

– On Behalf of Puget Sound Youth Enrichment Team.












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YouthCare – Engaging, Stablizing and Preparing troubled youth to succeed in future

Youthcare has been offering service to locals in Seattle since 1974. Their main purpose of existence is beyond just providing food and shelter to the homeless youth. They take special efforts to provide opportunities for kids between ages of 18 to 24 to stand on their feet and acquire skills that will assist them to earn a normal living as well as become independent in life.

Currently, they offer 4 major employment training programs such as: Tile project, Barista Training and Education Program, Youth Tech and YouthBuild. Each program is focused on key skills development   e.g: the tile project focuses on ceramic skills, the barista training program focuses on operations in coffee shops.

YouthCare also has partnered with various other organizations to offer subsidized living for kids who are just getting started as well as train them in money matters and saving techniques before the kids decide to move into an independent apartment on their own.


Calvin is one of the individuals whose life has been transformed by YouthCare’s help. He came to the United States from the West African nation of Liberia when he was 14, having never set foot inside a classroom. Living with his aunt, his only family in the U.S., he struggled to adapt. He ended up spending about two years on the streets, running with the wrong crowd — but knowing that he needed to change his life. Finally he came across YouthCare’s drop in facility where he received well needed attention and support to regain his confidence and get his GED and also become a captain of his soccer team. He is now well prepared to face the future and succeed in life with flying colors.

Calvin's photo

Sadly, such strong motives and initiatives do come with a high price tag even if it is for a non-profit organization. YouthCare faced some harsh financial challenges in the recent past which could have threatened their existence until King County and City of Seattle came forward to their rescue. The organization is still in operation and relies of good deeds of fellow philanthropists to come together and help them meet their basic needs for hygiene, clothing, travel packs and food.

On behalf of Puget Sound Youth in Focus team, I request you to spread the word and create awareness amongst your friends and family members who might be interested in giving a helping hand to such organization but don’t know where to direct their assistance.

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Discover the real NATURE ( not on TV) !!

This is first week of our teams attempt to find enriching activities for kids, young and adult and steer them away from prolonged television watching or playing video games. As we continue our search and try to bring new activities and organizations to table please share your comments, likes and dislikes about our posts so we can focus on activities which would interest you more.

Today we would like to share so details about Islandwood, a small organization focused teaching kids, young and adults about nature in a natural settings. They are conveniently located at 4450 Blakely Ave. NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 . Family and schools can book a trip to this venue to have a fun filled and enlightening experience of nature.  

Islandwood offer various programs like summer camps, school overnight programs, brightwater center, homewater center etc to suite various learning needs. Spread over 255 acres of forested trails, wetlands, and unique outdoor venues, IslandWood invites children into nature and into their imaginations. There is no particular age group that  is targeted in this program but often teachers of 4th and 5th graders find more relevance to their coursework in schools.


And like a real school, this organization rewards teachers with a  $2500 and $5000 awards who take initiative to create learning experience that makes a difference in kids and their community.  

e.g: Cheryl Milton, First Place School received a Patsy Collins award in 2013 for her contribution to teach underprivileged students about community, responsibility and recycling.   

Recycling initiative and Waste treatment training: The programs also offer an option to learn about easy and simple ways of recycling and also teaches kids on checking water quality and waste treatment plant which is located nearby.

In summary, we think this is a next perfect destination for you and your family to spend summer at. Please contact them for specific and updated course information.

Thank you,

Breaking Roles Team   





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Great opportunity to change lives from Youth in Focus

Youth in Focus, supported by The Seattle Foundation – The message they are getting across is that they can change the life of at- risk youth ( age 13-19) who battle with racial, ethnic discrimination, poverty and homelessness by helping them to learn special skill trade like photography at no cost to the students.


Their social presence:

Facebook – 2569 Likes, 161 talking about them 4.7/5.0 rating

Twitter – 1846 tweets, 901 following, 742 followers

Flicker- 173 photos since 2007

I think its a great effort, we all should support it whole heartedly.

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Honda and Toyota – Same roots, different Social off (springs)!!


Both organizations are well known Japanese automakers consistently striving to increase their market share in US by launching new models and improving their reliability and comfort year over year. Toyota is focused only on passenger cars and trucks whereas Honda offers a wide range of products in US market ranging from generators, cars and even private jets as follows:

  • Honda Power equipment’s – generators, lawn movers, pumps, snow blowers, tillers, trimmers,
  • Honda Automobiles – Cars, trucks, Suvs, Minvans, Alternative fuels, sports, fuel efficient
  • Honda Marine – portable to large motor boat engines
  • Honda Power sports –  ATVs, scooters, motorbikes
  • Honda Jet – Jet airplanes

Social Media Presence: Following comparison shows striking difference of each company’s social media presence, its followership and activity on top 5 channels.


Overall Honda and its followers seemed to be far more active than Toyota. Both organizations have been active in posting news and updates about their new products and contest keeping their consumers engaged. I did not see either of them using these channels to receive or update on consumer complaints like many others in the industry. Upon further investigation, I found out that the local Honda dealer in Kirkland is using Twitter channel more effectively than its Toyota rival by posting information about referral bonuses as follows.


I think this is a great idea to promote sales by using peer to peer advertising. Local Toyota dealer on the other hand is using their twitter account to post updates on their new building in Kirkland.

My suggestion to both of these organizations is open channels of communication to receive compliments and complaints about their dealerships. This will allow them to gain direct information about their performance and even assist them in gaining more market share in after sales service from small mom-pop stores.

– Kulkarni2014


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