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Wolfram Alpha for Facebook

Wolfram Alpha’s Personal Analytics Tool for Facebook received a major update this week and appears to be a great new tool for social media analytics. Some may be familiar with Wolfram Alpha as a “scientific search engine” that allows you to search for bond prices, statistical distributions, or the third Tuesday in April 2030.

You may find that analyzing your Facebook profile yields even more interesting results. Note that I used my personal profile for this experiment instead of our cause, but that should prove just as interesting with a sufficient network and historical data.

Here are a few of the insights that Wolfram Alpha uncovered from my profile:

Word Cloud of my posts:

What interfaces I use over time throughout the week:

My friend network:

Check it out for yourself at:


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Newsle — Your friends in the news!

As a Boston native, I spent most of the past week glued to Twitter, Facebook, and several traditional news outlets to follow the tragic developments coming out of my hometown. Stepping back, as much as I appreciate the ability to have easy access to breaking news, most times I just want to be able to see the highlights in retrospect with preference given for items that are truly newsworthy.

This experience led me to check out Newsle a social aggregator that looks for news stories about your facebook, twitter or LinkedIn contacts. Now, having a common name like Kevin Sullivan pushes me pretty far down in most search results, but this is where Newsle really shines. In addition to getting your list of contacts, Newle also combs your work experience, educational history, skills, and interests to better identify stories actually about the person.

Here is an example of a news story picked up featuring my skip-level manager:



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EveryMove – Quantify yourself, share and earn!

I’ve recently joined the quantified self movement with my Nike+ FuelBand. If you are not familiar with the device, it is a futuristic looking wristband that tracks your movement each day with a combination accelerometer and pedometer. The simple display tells you how you are progressing towards your daily goal in terms of Fuel Points, steps taken, and calories burned. In the 60+ days that I’ve been using the device I’ve found it to be a much needed reminder to get some more exercise after a long day behind the desk. Additionally, it creates some self-competition that doesn’t hurt my exercise goals either!

So far I’ve resisted sharing my Fuel Point accomplishments in social networks, but decided to give it a try for this class. After some research I found EveryMove, a Seattle based company that pitches itself as “the mileage rewards program for your health.” It works by tracking fitness activity and rewarding users with discounts, products, and even cash.

EveryMove can be found on all the major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The company appears to have a two part strategy for social media. On the traditional networks they mainly post health and fitness related content in an attempt to build their brand identity with followers who have similar interests. Conversely, it seems they are also trying to build their own social network within the walled garden of the EveryMove website. On the site I can post my activities, connect with friends, and compare statistics on the leader board  I think an interesting area to watch will be how EveryMove users leverage their primary social networks to promote their own activities compared to what happens within the EveryMove site.

Here is my first update from today on EveryMove and syndicated on Twitter:


twitter everymove


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