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TwentyFeet View of Social Media

TwentyFeet aggregates your online data from Facebook and Twitter and presents several valuable metrics in graphs. It can also track services like google analytics, Youtube and myspace. It captures data for various timeframes like 1 week, last month etc. You can also export the data in Excel or CSV format.

For Twitter, TwentyFeet can track KPIs like number of followers and mentions that can indicate how influential you are. Since twitter is all about quick conversations and most of them with people you may not have met, TwentyFeet provides rich metrics about the number of tweets and how many @ replies you received. Many users create and use lists to monitor real time web. TwentyFeet provides metrics about the lists. In all these cases, TwentyFeet provides a trending measure. This can be useful in quickly identifying if things are improving or going worse.




For Facebook, TwentyFeet can provide metrics for a user, group or page. The graph about ‘fans of page’ can be helpful to gauge interest and activity about your brand. The deviation from average can be an important metric to track over a period of time to identify how a social media campaign is trending.



TwentyFeet makes your data more understandable and manageable through its graphs, statistics and activity streams about trending and differences from normal. In addition to this, TwentyFeet is planning on integration with wordpress, slideshare, yelp and Salesforce. In summary, if you have multiple social media accounts and want to get a quick overview of your influence and activities across all these accounts, TwentyFeet is a good tool to use. 


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Social media has become extremely crucial for customer relationships and brand management. SproutSocial is a monitoring and management tool for social media. It offers 3 paid plans ‘Standard’, ‘Deluxe’ and ‘Premium’. These 3 plans mostly differ in the number of social accounts that can be linked. Each of the plans offers a free 30-day trial. It does not require you to provide your credit card details for the trial.

Although there are several options offered by SproutSocial, following are noteworthy:

  1. Engagement: SproutSocial offers a single stream inbox that allows people to continuously remain engaged (with customers).They have a response rate metric that makes it easy for people to measure their rate of responses to important messages in real-time.
  2. Publishing: SproutSocial allows you to schedule messages (similar to Hootsuite) for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Analytics: SproutSocial offers unlimited reporting of analytics data across all your accounts.
  4. Monitoring: SproutSocial allows you to use keyword monitoring to determine how your brand is being used across social media.


SproutSocial provides statistics for custom time periods (as well as pre-defined times like last 15 days, last 30 days etc.) about your presence and influence on different social channels by showing data about ‘new twitter followers’ and ‘new Facebook fans’


It generates a graph about your response rate v/s the response time. This measures how effectively and how quickly are you engaging with customers or messages that warrant replies.


The follower demographics information provided for Twitter and Facebook can prove to be very important for segmenting and targeting your audience.


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Tableau Software Paints my Data

The rate at which data generation and data availability is scaling, it is extremely difficult for humans to keep up the pace to analyze the data. However, if there is a way for us to ‘picture’ the data, it becomes many times easier to understand it. This is exactly where Tableau Software comes in. Started by 3 guys from Stanford and headquartered in Seattle, Tableau Software helps people visualize their data.  

Tableau Software effectively uses the most efficient social media to educate about their products as well as reach out to expand its user base.

Facebook: Tableau Software has been able to leverage its Facebook page to talk about its conferences and events. They have been especially successful in creating awareness of its newest product release ‘Tableau 8’.


YouTube: By creating short and engaging videos on its YouTube channel, Tableau Software has been successful in educating the users about its platform and product usage.



Twitter: Tableau Software has been using 2 twitter handles @tableau and @tableausoftware. Like almost all others active on Twitter, Tableau software has also been using tweets to keep people updated about its road shows, conferences, releases and blogs. However, it is impressive to note some of the tweets from bloggers commenting that their blog subscription rate increased manifold when they started writing about Tableau Software.


Tableau Software’s blogs have drawn several positive comments from the public. It is also active on Google+. It has over 10000 followers on LinkedIn.

In summary, Tableau Software has been able to successfully and constantly engage with its audience via regular updates through the prominent social media outlets. Tableau Software’s products themselves are robust and instantly likeable, however, its social media strategy has been instrumental in increasing awareness and helping the company change the way people use data.


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