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Simply measured social media analytic tool can process data from Twitter or Facebook. User can simply enter Facebook page or Twitter user account. The analytic report will be then emailed. It took about 10 minutes to receive report on email in my case . The data is well presented with great use of colors to make the information pop out.


The above is the total engagement graph with details of posts that was most engaging in a defined period. Report will highlight the most engaged posts. The firm could possibly use this information to adjust the contents of information posted to capture wider audience.



The uniqueness of this analytic report was that it provided the most used text graphically from the text of post by administrators and users. Using this information , we can adjust the twitter keywords to attain more interests from followers for the future post contents.

It also provided useful report with a list of top users posted and a list of top user commented so that we can identify the most engaged users.

There is one more unique feature and could be the best feature is the export feature. User can export the raw data into excel sheet with graphs. User can also export graph into PowerPoint to make it easier for user to generate a great looking presentation with colorful chart.

Compared to that I used last time, this analytic tool provides much more meaningful metrics. If given metrics are not enough, the raw data can be generated for more indepth analysis manually outside of this tool. It also provides the top post contents in table format with number likes, comments, shares, clicks, etc. The list can be easily sorted to identify top contents according various parameters.

Overall, I found this tool provides the best analytic reports and raw data for free during trial period.






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Followerwonk analytic is much easier tool  as you only need to enter the user profile name and hit “Do it”.  Analytic report will provide the data from HearingZen twitter account as indicated below.  A company could use the data to set strategy to effectively make advertisement to a focus on  particular location, gender and age at the particular time of day.  The user to user dependency could also be analyzed to generate more sales leads from such data.

However, it is still not clear to me how these general data can be used more intelligently even though analytic tool provide these general info. How does firm creates a strategy or decisions based on these data. To make advantage of these data, more in depth statistical analysis and trends to link relevant data to other series data and somehow link the trends to business relevant information.

  • Geographic location of users


  • Active user hours


  • Social Authority scores of users HearingZen follows: Social Authority is our rating of a user’s influence and engagement on Twitter. It ranges from 1 to 100, where higher scores indicate a person with greater influential activity.
  • Inferred gender of users HearingZen follows
  • Follower counts of users HearingZen follows: We’ve analyzed users HearingZen follows and assembled this chart to show you the number of people who follow those users. This is a useful way to pinpoint those users with the most followers (and therefore clout).
  • Account ages of users HearingZen follows
  • Recencies of tweets of users HearingZen follows: If a person hasn’t tweeted recently, then their account may be dormant. These data are based on the date that Followerwonk last checked the user, so the dates may not be entirely precise, but they should give you a good idea of who is tweeting more recently than others. Protected accounts are excluded from this analysis.
  • Total tweets of users HearingZen follows
    If a user has a low total tweet count, they may not be a “real” user. Perhaps they tried Twitter and gave it up? On the other hand, those with a very large number of tweets might be avoided (they could be spammers, overwrought, or just too verbose!)
  • Retweets as a percent of timelines of users HearingZen follows
    Retweets are an excellent measure of engagement. The more someone retweets, the more he is consuming other peoples tweets. That’s generally a good thing (because it means they are more likely to RT you). Here, we breakdown this audience by the amount that they retweet (as a percentage of their timeline).

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Synapse Innovation


Synapse was rated as third place for best place to work for in Seattle Business Magazine in large company segment.

Company bio:

Company innovation:

Fun stuff: animated development process video clip

Simply put, Synapse is a company that makes cool stuff. Whether it’s building a best-of-breed GPS sport watch with Nike and TomTom, creating new AirFloss technology with Philips’ Sonicare, or designing field-ready DNA analysis devices, Synapse is always building something brilliant. Aside from their thrilling work, Synapse’s employees—including inventors, designers, engineers, technologists and strategists—are rewarded with full medical coverage for themselves and their dependents, a 4 percent match on employee 401(k)s and company-sponsored health savings accounts. Those benefits, combined with a sparkling, newly remodeled downtown office complete with rock-climbing wall and foosball table, place Synapse amongst our top three large companies in 2012.

Looking at Synapse facebook and twitter, they are still working on social media fan base at about 500 leads on Face book and Twitter. Would be nice for these cool product to be introduced in social media more actively from this local Seattle company to get their presence more known. Synapse seem to be active on Startup community in Seattle.  We may see their presence in UW business competition and technology innovation events.   Their product innovation seems to be all over the map but that makes it kind of interesting to keep eye on to see what they come up with.


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GM Nameplate


As much as there is a big focus on IT and social media, there is a very interesting Seattle local company to go visit. 

GM Nameplate is a global manufacturer that provides custom-engineered solutions to leading companies worldwide. Our capabilities include user interface devices, front panel integration, labels, nameplates, safety decals, plastic molding and decorating, quick-turn prototyping, die-cut components, value-added assemblies and more.

GM Name plate provide service for small to large quantity product User Interfaces, labels, casing, ribbon circuitry. For example, Microsoft Xbox controller UI, Medical device console UI, and even huge Boring Aircraft exterior logo sticker.  

This supplier does it all!! I had a chance to visit this supplier and was  amazed with complexity of logistics within the facility located in Seattle Magnolia. You can see all sorts of actions on the follow with automated machines producing assembly parts for various system application usage. 

I recommend visiting such a facility in the mix of software or IT company as the real actions of product manufacturing are exciting to see.

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