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Sproutsocial’s Analytics to our rescue

Although I had Facebook and Twitter accounts before the ‘Social Media for Managers’ class, I had never used them for anything productive besides to connect with my classmates from 20 years ago. When Team Descent of TMMBA class started our campaign on Water Conservation, we automatically turned to Facebook and Twitter because that’s where our initial audience resided.

As campaign goals, we had set out to reach friends and friends of friends who had kids and those who lived in areas where water scarcity had still not knocked on their doors. The first few weeks, we kept posting lot of material on both channels. We saw several likes, many visits, and some comments. It was all great, but we weren’t sure if we were heading down the right path. We started feeling we weren’t in control. Right Feedback was non-existent. We had started a campaign without setting proper controls.

Then in one of the class, a classmate recommended using sproutsoclal ( Sproutsocial is a powerful management and engagement platform for social business. I am sure there are other competitive analytics software such as hootsuite, SocialBakers etc., but we decided to try sproutsocial before jumping on hootsuite or the rest. Actually, sproutsocial turned out to be more than adequate for our purposes.

First it had a free trial period. A few steps and we were registered. Then we proceeded to link Facebook and Twitter. A few clicks later, we discovered the Generate Report tab. We were simply amazed at what we saw. SproutSocial allowed us to generate the kind of report we had hoped for. It was able to show us # of impressions, unique users per channel, all the posts we had posted on Twitter, list of influential twitter followers, type of content we had posted, which of them had generated us traction, where our followers on Facebook were located, their age group and so on… Best part is the report is generated on the fly – no more waits unlike other similar tools. We even linked up to Google Analytics, but couldn’t link WordPress. That perhaps was the limitation. It even groups stats across channels.

And lot more reports that you’ll find useful!

If the free version is this good, I can imagine how good the paid version can be. I am very satisfied with this tool and strongly recommend using SproutSocial for Analytics and its other features if you are planning to run social media campaigns.


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Interact on Twitter using “google-alert” like tool for Twitter

Being new to Twitter, it didn’t take much time for me to realize that it is a social tool. That means I have to be social to grow my followers list. A tweet here or there, and status updates are great, but interaction between people is absolutely necessary to have greater effect and grow followers list.

On the other hand, in the midst of my busy work schedule, it became impossible to incessantly follow tweets real-time and respond to every tweet. I just wanted to participate in tweets that are of interest to me. I was searching for such a tool and viola! – that’s when I found – Tweet Beep.   


Tweet Beep is a free web-based service that notifies via email whenever someone mentions your keyword, name, or phrase on Twitter. You can immediately find out when someone tweets (posts) your name, company, or website address on Twitter, even if they use a URL-shortening service like TinyURL. This will ensure you never miss an opportunity to join or reply to a conversation –


Once you save the alert phrase, it will show up in your Tweetbeep account and you’ll get an email any time that word or phrase is used (depending on the options you set). You can then create more alerts if you’d like. The simple user menu on the left side of every page lets you view (and optionally delete) alerts you’ve created.

I am glad I no longer have to compulsively login and check Twitter to see who’s talking about water conservation. I will let Tweetbeep bring the notifications to me!


The tool has been mentioned in “Wall Street Journal” and “The New York Times”. Links provided below:

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Local company T-Mobile considers social media a must!

Not a well known fact, but T-Mobile uses social media such as facebook ( and twitter to reach its fans and customers. At the time of writing this article, T-Mobile has 2.7 Million likes on its facebook page. Per article (, T-Mobile uses facebook and twitter for seasonal hiring as well. “Some experts even go further and say that there is no company that have embraced social media effectively more than T-Mobile.” according to article. Way to go TMO!!!

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