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Social Media Management

Before taking this class, I did not spend much time thinking about expanding my reach on Facebook or engaging my target audience on twitter. It has been interesting to monitor how people respond to the various content that was posted.

Raven’s social interface is simple and streamlined. You can listen to, engage in and report on many of the social media campaigns with the same platform.

Raven’s Twitter tools have everything that is needed to monitor and engage target audiences, including search, scheduling and list capabilities.

Raven made it easy to expand my reach on Facebook. It was easy to manage personal profiles and business Facebook Pages.

The tutorials are great and made it fast and easy to get started.

Reporting the Results

Reporting is an important step in an online marketing program. It’s the proof that you are getting the results the clients or your boss demand.

Reporting helps make the small necessary adjustments to your campaign as conditions change or new opportunities emerge.

Raven helps create better reports in less time. Raven guides the user through the process of generating quick reports with a single click or automate comprehensive reports in their Reports Wizard with drag-and-drop simplicity. Being pressed for time, this is a feature I truly appreciated.


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Facebook Insights

I have enjoyed studying and using Facebook Insights over the last two weeks. I found it a useful tool as a novice digital social strategist. It gave me insights as it pertains to refining the objectives of Zebra Jammies website reach.  As we made posts, I could analyze which had the most reach and/or effectiveness. I could see what city, age group, gender and nationality was engaged the most. These are metrics that are useful for a digital media strategist as they look to refine their marketing strategy as well as how to spend financial resources on content that will increase customer engagement in a respective market or country.

I enjoyed using the data incorporated on the Insights dashboard because it quickly provided useful information on how likes increased as well as how people shared our content. It detailed how many posts as well as people talking about the specific post and weekly total reach. The dashboard detailed page views by date as well as if the reach was organic or paid. The dashboard also detailed frequency and/or return visits to the page. A particular feature that I found very interesting was the probability of the content going viral. The Insights Dashboard is a great tool for digital social strategists to keep their page and its content valuable to its target market.

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K2 Skis-Passion Drives Innovation


51 years ago, K2 was born as America’s ski company on Vashon Island, right here in Puget Sound. K2 Skis are world renowned as leaders in design, production and sales and marketing. K2 is driven by innovation and a passion for the sports enthusiast looking for athletic lifestyle experiences. K2 Skis is what happens when fun meets science and technology.

K2 Skis does a great job of delivering a fun consistent message across all the social media platforms. The message of performance, lifestyle and humor is consistently apparent throughout their social marketing channels. It is easy to arrive at the site and hop onto facebook, twitter, vimeo and YouTube. They have incorporated their logo into K2WEETS as well as k2 SkEmail. I really loved this and it made me want to explore the channels! K2 utilizes RSS feeds to boot! I can follow my favorite athletes on twitter as well as the K2 website. One of the aspects of their social media campaign that really stood out as well thought through was the use of avalanche training and awareness videos featured on YouTube. They featured their products in the videos but did not specifically reference the gear. K2 also featured numerious videos detailing testimonials about their products and production techniques. I learned something from the videos and as an existing K2 skier felt a renewed loyalty to the company. I loved following various athletes on twitter because I could get up to the moment updates on ski conditions at various locations throughout the world. This held my attention and kept me thinking about K2 products.

Through the use of humor and the athletic lifestyle it is easy to connect to the product and see how much fun it is to enjoy owning a set of K2’s. K2 does an outstanding job of connecting with and holding the attention of their target market through the use of facebook, twitter, YouTube and vimeo all while creating affinity for the brand.

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