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Xbox vs PlayStation


  • Social Mention: provide sentiment analysis and some metrics around strength, passion and ration between positive and negative sentiments.
  • Topsy: also provide sentiment analysis (green and red), but also give a time based chart on the number of tweets over time that is interesting in understand if there is any buzz in tweeter sphere both positive or negative.

Xbox – Last Month

PlayStation – Last Month

It’s interesting to understand what is going on with the “spike” that is happening about a week ago. One possibility is the announcement of a series of “consumer friendly” moves, such as unbundle Kinect from Xbox One to allow a price drop of $100 to match PlayStation 4 pricing, and allowing non-paying Xbox Live users to watch Netflix and Hulu. I also cross referenced the Microsoft stock price, and there is a minor semblance, but nothing conclusive. The exercise, unfortunately revealed the short coming of the current breed of social media analytics tools: the analytics numbers can be difficult to decipher until diving into individual tweets, which are difficult to do and seems to defeat the purpose of using the analytics. The top keywords do not reveal anything particularly insightful about why people are tweeting and perhaps a top hashtag analysis would help.

Although the two consoles are not far away in terms of global market share, they do have significant volume difference in terms of tweets between Xbox and PlayStation? It turned out, PlayStation’s tweets were spitted between the proper PlayStation 4 spelling and short hand PS4 spelling, with PS4 taking 2/3 of the tweet volume. This is an interesting fact that social media analytics is a very inexact science and require lots of knowledge of the community and audience to interpret the results.


Sony has 2 spikes one roughly 1 week ago and another earlier in the month, about 3 weeks ago. The one from last week is likely corresponding to the availability of April sales number that showed PlayStation 4 has outsold Xbox. The sales numbers are bragging rights for respective console fans in the “console war”, and it’s something people would likely mention in the social media to prove their platform of choice is “winning”. Looking at the stock price, there is no perceivable trends between social media buzz and stock price. There was absolutely not meaningful change in stock price during either spikes in social mention. The keyword again is not very useful or informative. There is no clues on what the peaks and volleys might be. The sentiment number might be interesting but the results are not very convincing. Some sort of “word cloud” color coded to their sentiment would probably help reveal more useful information for decision making and community engagement.











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