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SiteTrail – Trailing Your Favorite Website!

SiteTrail is a website analysis platform for social media and technology news on the web.  SiteTrail enables its users (“trailers”) to subscribe to or “trail” website specific news content that is categorized by the site’s domain name. This trail feature allows users to easily create an aggregated news stream of only the sites that they find interesting and filter out ones that are unexciting.


There are 7 categories on


All users need to do is 1) pick out the websites that they found interesting. 2) click on the “TrailSite” button next to the sites they wanted to subscribe to. 3) see an aggregated news stream of all the sites they are trailing.

Besides website trailing, SiteTrail also compiles easy to understand reports at no cost. This allows users to see quick snapshots of their favorite (or competitor) websites. For example, if users want to learn about a site’s traffic patterns and how well it ranks on service, they can use SiteTrail Analysis tool for that.



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Go Crazy with the Data!

In this 21st century, we are surrounded by data. Gathering and accessing data become easier as technology continues advancing but analyzing available data and making sense out of it are getting harder. Data analysis is the lifeline of any business. Whether one wants to arrive at some marketing decisions or fine-tune new product launch strategy, data analysis is the key to all the problems.

Simply Measured Inc was founded in 2010 and is based in Seattle. The company offers RowFeed, a social media measurement solution that enables enterprise marketing, public relations, and social media professionals to create meaningful custom reports in Excel and online. It is now the only enterprise social measurement platform to integrate YouTube analytics with engagement data for Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

What I love about Simply Measured are –

  • Instead of trying to persuade users to get away from Excel or PowerPoint, Simply Measured does a wonderful job allowing users to export beautifully done reports or graphs into Excel and PowerPoint in one click!Image
  • Centralize all social media data so anyone can look at and analyze the data across all any major social media channelsImage
  • In-depth analysis. From some of the sample reports Simply Measured provided, you can see very detailed analysis based on any criteria or data dimension that matters to the end users. It filters out casual conversation and focuses on meaningful and measurable outcome

Simply Measured is an effective tool that eases some craziness of not knowing how to use tremendous valuable data!

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The Forth Place

In early 90’s, Howard Schultz created this vision that Starbucks coffee house would become “third place”, where people can relax, meet others, and enjoy coffee outside of home and work. Once this third place is established in customers mind, it creates steady and continuous revenue for Starbucks. 20+ years later with “third place” is in place, Schultz has now been focusing on making Starbucks the “forth place”, where people exchange ideas and comments about the brand via social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Although turning fans to revenue is important, Starbucks is more committed to building new relationship with its new customers and to strengthening existing relationship with its most loyal customers. Seeing the increasing needs in effort, in 2009, Schultz hired Adam Brotman as the VP of Digital Ventures to exclusively work on enriching customer experience via social media.  Since then, the brand has created a digital dialogue with its customers in everywhere of the world, enabling them to give feedback and receive a response back from Starbucks addressing concerns or comments. Starbucks don’t just say they care about customer experience, they really do show they care. Today, Starbucks has 3.5 million of followers on Twitter and over 10 million Facebook fans. Schultz’s vision of the “forth place” is being realized.


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