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ConnectedHQ – Connect with your social networks all in one place for free!

ConnectedHQ brings together all your contacts into one system, integrating with Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Outlook Contacts, Mac Address Book, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Voice and Evernote.

It auto-imports contacts, including your history with them and also imports and displays their recent Tweets (if you sign into Twitter). It states that over the next few days, the service will import the history of your relationship going back about 18 months.


One feature I think is useful – ConnectedHQ can send daily emails with information on who’s changed jobs, based on LinkedIn information. This is like birthday notifications in Facebook – it enables you to make a little investment in the given relationship.

• Auto-import is a huge time saver – though it didn’t work for Outlook, it did work for LinkedIn
• Signup is free!
• Sync between email and social media profiles can potentially be big time saver and quite useful though I wasn’t able to test it for reasons mentioned below
• Integrates with multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

• Doesn’t integrate metrics or other tools
• When I tried signing up for it to try it for myself, I found that it only allows you to sign up through LinkedIn. There was no other option to select
• Once I connected via LinkedIn, I had options to add other accounts. When I tried signing through FaceBook, it will stop processing and hang if I selected the option to ‘not allow to post on my behalf to FaceBook’. I tried multiple times and each time I said ‘not allowed to post on my behalf’, it hung & never finished!
• Similarly, for adding an email account, it never gave me option to add anything besides Gmail. I found no option to provide my outlook credentials.


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Screenr – Sharing screen captures with audio


Screenr helps businesses build and promote their web presence. It’s a free online service that lets you create screen capture videos. You can also add audio to it and is fairly easy to use. Creating an instructional video on Screenr is just about as easy as it gets, allowing you to record, pause (while you rearrange what’s on your screen) and then simply click “Done” when you are finished. With a few clicks, you can post the video plus your comments to your Twitter account, or download the file as an MP4.



Screenr offers the service through 4 plans that encompass a plan for $19 a month called ‘Lite’ that allows for private sharing & is good for small team collaboration to a plan for $289 a month called ‘Enterprise’ for business that need enterprise level solutions and they include analytics along with support. They do offer a 15 day trial version which requires you to provide them with your email ID. Overall an easy to use program for sharing on social media outlet such as Facebook & Twitter.

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Costco – Time to get serious about Social Media?

Costco Wholesale Corporation was founded in Seattle and now has its headquarters in Kirkland, WA. It is a membership warehouse club that provides a wide selection of merchandise. As of 2012, it was the fifth largest retailer in the United States, and the largest membership warehouse club chain in the United States.

Costco focuses on selling products at low prices, often at very high volume. These goods are usually bulk-packaged and marketed primarily to large families and businesses. Furthermore, Costco does not carry multiple brands or varieties where the item is essentially the same except when it has a house brand to sell, typically under the Kirkland Signature label. This results in a high volume of sales from a single vendor, allowing further reductions in price, and reducing marketing costs. Costco is known to limit its price markup on items to 15%.

From a social media strategy perspective, Costco seems to not be active in this space. Costco did not have a twitter account or a Facebook page till couple years ago. A quick lookup at Costco’s twitter accounts shows zero tweets! It appears they created the account and then forgot about it. Its Facebook page has 871,494 likes and counting. It does very little in terms of attracting customers to it’s twitter or Facebook page. Most posts on Facebook have been about new store openings. Recently, they have started to post about their ‘online offers’ which is nothing but a link that take you back to the Costco online site. They also have started to post pictures about their vacation packages that they offer through Costco online but the content is very limited.

Perhaps it is Costco’s strategy to not participate; maybe they are monitoring and working a social media program behind the scenes. I’m sure they would like to listen to what their advocates, customers or detractors are saying and it’s only a matter of time before they realize the power of social media & how they can benefit as a company from its use.

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