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Facebook Insights


Facebook Insights gives a surprisingly detailed look at your page fan demographics.

From here I can see that males ages 25-34 make up most of our fans. I’m thinking this might have something to do with how 80% of the TMMBA falls into this category… The massive spike in likes is from when we experimented with purchasing 500 likes for $15. As you’ll see later, this strategy did almost nothing to help our campaign.



This view shows that while males make up most of our likes, it’s actually women who are more engaged users. Also interesting is how the most active age categories are younger and older women, but not middle-aged. Maybe a targeted ad campaign to women would be a good idea in our future?



Looking at the people we have reached through promoted posts, it’s clear we might not be targeting the right people. Where are all those age 55-64 women that comment so much?pf_reach2


Our most “viral” posts are listed in detail, which is pretty cool. On the bottom we have one post which we spent a few bucks promoting, but it actually is one of our least viral posts since lots of people saw it but didn’t interact. As more posts are promoted, I can imagine this view would be very useful in determining which campaigns were most effective.pf_posts


Here is where you can really see the failed like purchasing scheme we went for. As the page came into existence, we had a ton of likes but this dropped dramatically after a week. Our total likes are down 65%! On April 21, we really started to gain true traction as we shifted towards promoting our contest and spending more time engaging directly with fans.pf_reach



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ShortStack – Ultimate Facebook Customization

ShortStack is a robust Facebook application designer that allows you to customize your pages in just about every way imaginable.


I created a simple sweepstakes form for our PlasticFreeSeattle page, starting with a pre-built template. It was very easy to change the theme, organize elements, and customize options. I was very impressed with how deep the options go, you really can build anything with this thing. One neat built in feature is fan gating, which requires someone to like your page before they can interact with the application content.

Design mode offers external service integration via simple widgets for Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, RSS, SoundCloud, Flickr, Foursquare, Mailchimp, Google Maps, and Google Analytics. Plus there seem to be a lot of options to insert your own code (Flash, CSS, Javascript, and embedded iframes), so you could certainly link up even more things if you are clever.


For a monthly fee, you can add database storage, and even more customization options. In our contest, someone enters by submitting their name and email address, and that form input is then emailed to us. This is ok for our contest since we won’t have thousands of entries and it will be easy to sort through all the responses. In a bigger campaign this would be a nightmare; having the database storage option enables all kinds of validation and aggregation functionality that you don’t get in the free version.


However, the free version has plenty of features available to pilot your project before deciding to upgrade (if you even need to).

Check out ShortStack, and then enter our contest for a chance to win your own reusable water bottle!

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Visit Seattle!

Did you know that last year, 10.2 million visitors spent $5.9 billion in Seattle and King County? Much of the credit goes to Visit Seattle, a private, nonprofit marketing organization which has been the official marketing organization of Seattle tourism for more than 50 years. They do all kinds of stuff to enhance employment opportunities and economic prosperity of the region, and they’ve got an impressive social media presence.

They use three main channels: blog/website, Twitter, and Facebook to let everyone know how cool Seattle is. The “No Umbrella” blog posts a detailed look at local activities and events in the area every few days. Check out this post about all the nearby places a snow-starved Seattleite can go to find some gnar powpow.

The @VisitSeattle Twitter account is very active, with dozens of tweets a day aimed at directing traffic to local companies. Since most posts on Twitter are public, they set up filters to search for mentions of Seattle and directly reply to people who might need some help finding cool stuff to do.


The Facebook page is also incredibly active and personalized. Visit Seattle posts interesting articles and pictures of Seattle, and the posts are highly commented/shared/liked. They also engage directly with users and respond in detail to any questions.


This direct engagement with users on Facebook seems to be working well. Their page has amassed 443k likes – that’s equivalent to 71% of Seattle’s population!

Each channel has a unique voice and is catered to different audiences, but the message remains the same… Visit Seattle!

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