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Get a grasp on your social impact with SocialMention

There’s a number of ways that your audience can talk about you on the web. SocialMention is a great tool that scrubs the web for recent information around topics (or brands) and provides real-time data on relevant social engagement metrics like passion, sentiment, and reach.

What really makes the tool helpful, though is that you can break down each metric by different sub-sections of the internet by clicking on the links at the top of the page – for example seeing how passionate contributor comments are or how strong the news is covering the topic.

Social Mention Topic Search

Social Mention Topic Search

It’s a great way to search a topic, see how alive it is and what area of the internet is most engaged.

What would make this tool even better is if users could see “passion” and “reach” trends across different messaging avenues (blogs, videos) over periods of time. For example, how strong is our news channel over the past three weeks or has our micro-blogging passion started to dwindle? Currently the tool only captures those metrics at the moment of the search, leaving the user to have to manually aggregate the data if they want to measure over longer periods of time.

Give SocialMention a try today – just type in a topie, your business name or a brand that you are trying to measure, and see how the valuable it is on the web!


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Automate Your Social Experience

If this, then that (IFTTT, for short) is an amazing tool that actually helps you automate your social tools in a way that will save users from having to perform the same rote tasks over and over. The beauty of IFTTT is that it integrates what’s happening around the internet and synthesizes it with your existing technologies.

The idea is simple, once you’ve authorized IFTTT to connect to your social media outlets, tools, and devices you can create “recipes” that follow “triggers” to automate actions across those mediums. For example, if a friend tags you an Instagram photo (the trigger) you can then make sure that photo is posted automatically to Twitter (recipe source) or sent to your SMS.

IFTTT - instagram2twitter by shahhuseynov

Sample Recipe: If you are tagged in an Instagram photo then post to your Twitter

Before going into too much detail, I would strongly recommend anyone check it out. Different social media tools and devices are available to pull from but each one has certain limitations to what IFTTT is authorized to do on its behalf.

Here are my favorites (note, you may need to be logged in on IFTTT to see them):

Find your favorite recipe here or create your own and share it with your friends!

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Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos (AFP) is one of the funniest social media sites I have ever laid eyes on. What started as a simple blog has spiraled into one of the most comical user-generated content aggregators on the internet.

Funny Ski Photo

The photo that started it all!

AFP let’s individuals share their most embarrassing moments caught on film with all the world. What started in 2009 as two friends posting a few embarrassing childhood photos has become a huge franchise with multiple products, video episode production, and spin off sites that now all focus around “spreading the awkwardness”.

AFP engages in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+ and as a business based on social media, they have been able to monetize the content that its community provides (for free) by selling products (mugs, puzzles and other merchandise) and advertising based on that demographic.

They actively keep their social media campaigns fresh by (1) ensuring there are consistently new/fresh content on the site, (2) expanding their reach through the various mediums, and (2) engaging their audience actively through each of their mediums.

In closing, you really must check out the latest in awkwardness … the awkward celebrity sing-a-long. And yes, it is SUPER awkward!

Awkward Celebrity Video

Awkward Celebrity Video

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