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Geeks vs Nerds: Sitetrail helps decide who is the winner

In this post our friend CAPUCCINODAY introduced SiteTrail to us.

SiteTrail is a fairly cool tool that allows you to analyze traffic pattern of any website. This can be a powerful tool to size up the competition. I read about SiteTrail in other channels as well. I was curious to give it a try.

What better way to try the tool than to use it to size up GeekHealth‘s competition. So I Bing searched the fitness blogs for Nerds and one of the top fitness blog for Nerds is (you guessed it)

SiteTrail makes analyzing the website of your choice easy. Just enter the web address in their search and you get a cool analytics report for the website complete with traffic numbers, engagement numbers (unique and returning users), demographics information etc.

Here is a sample report for

No prices for guessing who won. NerdFitenss has been around for a while and is doing well. Here is the comparison.

Nerds: 6000 visitors per month
Geeks: 200 visitors per month

So this round goes to the Nerds. Using SiteTrail helped me realize GeekHealth has room to grow. More importantly it validated our belief that there is a market and audience for the content and cause we are working on.



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Screenr makes creating and sharing quick demo, tutorial videos easy

I played with Screenr today. Screenr makes creating a screencast and sharing it quickly on social media super easy. Check out the quick demo of how their web based tool works. I was able to create a video walkthrough of Blackboard in about 10 minutes. I will check with TMMBA staff and if they are fine with it I might share it out on TMMBA talk.

You can leverage Screenr to create demo videos for your brands, showcase new features of your product, share training videos. It was easy to use except it requires Java and I had to install Java runtime first on my Windows box. From that point on things worked smoothly.

I wish they had an Enterprise version out. Creating training videos is something do a lot of at work and I would love a tool that combines creation + hosting and sharing of the video. They integrate currently with all major social networks. Wonder if they have considered integrating with Yammer and target Enterprise. Anyways, give it a try, create a video and share it out.



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IBM saves employee blogging

Ever since I started seeing the I am an IBMer commercials I was intrigued. After a while I caught onto the fact that IBM was using an old trick that has fallen out of favor for social media marketing – employee blogging, more specifically blogging about what you are working on.

I am sure all of us remember the days when blogging first surfaced and companies started realizing the many benefits employee blogging can bring – free marketing, making connections with customers, creating excitement about upcoming products etc. Campaigns were launched across the industry to encourage more and more employees to blog. Then came the blogging blunders where a few employees lacking common sense crossed boundaries and instead of creating value through blogging, ended up making headlines for the wrong reasons. The social media strategists wisened up , realized some of the pitfalls and started providing fairly prescriptive guidance on “what you can and cannot talk about”. This probably hampered the free sharing, participation. But employee blogging about their work was not dead.

What killed the momentum out of employee sharing was the secrecy Steve Jobs famously used as a clever marketing tool. He was smart enough to realize that in the era of hyper connectivity, the only way to create real news was to generate great hype around new product launches, maintain absolute secrecy (that means no employee blogging), create a media speculation frenzy and then eventually satisfy the frenzy with a show. That was great and Jobs was a genius. However I can’t help but feel the rest of the industry not only followed, they upped the ante. This started a new era of non-sharing, hyper secrecy with product launches. I am referring to the double NDAs, don’t even tell your spouse and 3 year old kid kind of secrecy.

Don’t get me wrong. I realize surprise is a powerful business tool and in today’s world where product cycles have become short, pace of innovation has increased there is a strong argument and merit in doing what has now become industry norm. What I am trying to say (and I know by now you are waiting for the punch line) is I think the pendulum has swung too far one way. It is time for us to start restoring the balance. It is refreshing to see IBM get the employee voice out there. After all I have not heard of any company that was successful because it found the new phone the competitor was secretly developing in a bar!

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