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I have been trying out different social media analytics tools such as Twitonomy, Follower Wonk, Twenty Feet etc. to analyze key twitter metrics. Most of the tools require an upgrade to a professional version to get useful insights, I am impressed by the depth of data analytics and insights offered by the free version of Twitonomy. I would rate Twitonomy as one of the top analytics tools for Twitter data analysis.



I was able to sign in with my twitter account and as soon as I log in, most of the insights were available out of the box.  Also Twitonomy let me analyze any other public twitter accounts – This made it even more powerful.Twitonomy-Dashboard

As soon as you log-in to Twitonomy, the “Dashboard” shows a quick summary of your twitter account. “Profile” gives all the basic details such as average tweets/re-tweets per day, graph showing history of twitter activity, user engagement, influential users, hash tags used etc. You can also analyze the tweets by platform source which I thought was pretty cool.

If  you want to drill deeper into the tweets, definitely check-out “Mentions & RTs” section. This section provides a high level idea about the mentions trend for your account. You can also slice and dice mentions and understand how the users who talk about you are dispersed geographically. This section also offers insights into most influential and most active followers.

Mentions Map

The “Followers” and the “Following” sections just gives a dump of all your followers and people you are following respectively with some key information about everyone. Twitonomy does not slice and dice this data to give useful insights that Follower Wonk provides. If you want to download this data and create insights using excel, you are out of luck if you do not upgrade to “Premium”. This is something I did not like about Twitonomy.


Searching analytics for various users and hash tags is available in the “Search” section. However this is a premium feature @$20/month or $199/year. Premium membership also offers other features such as downloading data, backup etc. While search analytics may not be really useful for an individual user, having access to this feature will be really helpful for a business to analyze collaborators, influencers and competition.



In summary,  I would definitely recommend Twitonomy for individual users. I found it user friendly and it offers a number of key insights about Twitter in one place at no cost. At this point, the features offered under the premium membership does not really justify the $199/year subscription according to me.


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Facebook Pages Manager – Manage your pages on the go


How many times have you unintentionally posted to a page you own using your personal id from your mobile device? How many times have you intended to analyze “the reach” of a certain post but landed on a page where Facebook tries to get your credit card details?

If you have faced these problems and many more on your facebook mobile, Facebook Page Manager app will come to your rescue.  The page manager app is available for free on Apple Appstore and Android Playstore. However, you guessed it, it is available for 99 cents on the Windows store

I have been using the pages manager app on my android phone and on my iPad for the past few weeks and I have a love, hate relationship with it.


What I Love: It serves my basic purposes such as posting photos and updates to my page, quickly analyzing the reach metrics for a particular post and getting a summary of the page metrics such as  “Total Likes”, “People Talking about the page” and “Weekly Total Reach”. You cannot do many of these using the main Facebook app on your mobile device. Though I have not managed more than three pages, Facebook claims that one can manage up to 50 pages using its Pages Manager app. This feature is pretty useful for people who own multiple pages. Another great feature about the app is – the notifications and messages are not cluttered with everything – When you select a page, you can view notifications and messages relevant to that page. The best feature of this app is that you can schedule posts – This is not very intuitive though. When you click on “Update Status”, there is a small clock icon that lets you schedule posts for future. You can also view all your scheduled posts.


What I Hate: While there are many features that I love about the app, I do think it needs a lot of improvements. First and foremost, it does not allow you to tag people or locations – I consider these as very basic features and it is a shame that the app was released without these features!. While you can view admins, you cannot add/remove admins.  Also many of the page specific analytics such as likes/reach trend, likes/reach demographics, check-in information etc.  cannot be accessed through the app!! The thing that I hate the most about the app is the lack of a search feature within this app!

In summary, I think this is a great idea and has a huge potential to help admins manage their pages effectively. However, in its current state, the app seems to be half baked. It experiences network timeouts while posting pictures and due to lack of features, you will find yourself going to the main facebook app or to the browser on your laptop in order to effectively manage the pages you own.  Facebook really needs to invest more in Mobile!

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