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Seattle Sounders and Seattle Reign

Sounders FC is a professional men’s soccer club located at Seattle WA, competing in Major League Soccer.  Seattle Reign FC is a professional women’s soccer team based in Seattle, Washington, playing in (NWSL) National Women’s Soccer League.

Sounds FC’s home field is CenturyLink, while Reign’s home field is Memorial Stadium (Seattle).  These two fields are close: it takes about 15 minutes to drive from one to the other.   Also, these two club’s home game schedules do not conflict with other.   Both these clubs use Twitter as a social media to promote themselves.

Following is an analysis of their usage of Twitter:

1.  Twitter

Data below shows that Sounders started to use Twitter much earlier than Reign.  This is not surprising because Reign FC was founded in 2012 and started to play in 2013.

Account                   @SoundersFC                 @SeattleReignFC

Tweets                        21.1K                               2,474

Photos/Videos          1,090                               275

Following                      301                                225

Followers                     107K                               15.5K

Joined                        11/2008                           N/A


2. TOPSY data

Both Reign FC and Sounders FC have good (80+) sentiment scores: they have been performing relatively well this season.  In particular, Reign has won all 7 games so far.  Tweet reply trend is that on a game day, the number of replies climbs.  In the past 30 days, Reign has about 13K replies while Sounders has about 15K replies.  Both clubs have done a good job.  Also, it is interesting that there were not as many replies as expected to sounders when Sounders lost to NE by 0:5 on 5/11.


Specifically, 30-day trend is as follows:


Sounders FC


Specifically, 30-day trend is as follows:


 Summary  Based on the analyses above, we know that both clubs have a solid base of fans (using Twitters) and that both clubs have high reputations.  We can say that use of Twitter enables fans to talk about their clubs and players more conveniently during games.  Also,  it’s implied that Seattle is a soccer city, and people like talking about soccer games, whether they are played by men or women.





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GSSL Board Director Friendly Game

Today GSSL board directors had a friendly game at Woodinville Indoor Sports facility. I am a young guy among the board directors, and i played with other 3 relatively young guys; the other side had 5 players. It’s a 4 v 5 game, and our chairperson was the ref.

I did not count how many goals I scored and assists I provided. It’s really fun, and I am impressed that my colleagues still kept a good shape on the field—most of them are at least 10 years older than I.

Hopefully I will post some picture later.

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Welcome to like my soccer team on FB!

Currently we rank #1 in our division:

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Interested in playing soccer during lunch break tomorrow (5/3)?

If yes, please bring some proper shoes.

Let’s have some fun and nice pictures/videos!

P.S. I will bring a soccer ball.

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Soccer for TMMBA class

Our MBA study group tries to promote soccer in class.

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by | April 26, 2014 · 7:42 pm

Notes on Greater Seattle Soccer League

GSSL (Greater Seattle Soccer League) is “Washington’s leading non profit adult men’s soccer league, serving Seattle and all of the greater Seattle area.” Our study group is focused on getting more people in the greater Seattle area, and we are particularly interested in getting more amateur soccer teams to know about and join GSSL.  Following are some notes about the status of social media and content marking strategy of GSSL:
  • Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

Yes,  GSSL announces tournament information and  publishes team registration documents a few months before the tournament.  Also, on a regular basis, it reports game results, updates team (and top scorer) standings, and maintains sponsor links.  However, the website content can be enhanced.  For example, it’d be nice to link some game video clips and publish some stories.

  • How many people contribute to the social channels?

Looks like 1-2 people are maintaining the website on a part-time basis.  As of now, GSSL does not exploit popular social channels such as facebook and Google+.  One thing GSSL might consider doing is to add links to individual teams’ social channels.

  • What is the message they are getting across?

At a high level, they are getting across the message of sportsman spirit, fair competition, and playing soccer for both wins and fun.

  • Who are they trying to reach?

Most of the time, they are trying to target non-professional adult (male) soccer players/teams. Sometimes sponsors are the audience.

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Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers, and Vancouver Whitecaps

Soccer is #1 sport in the world, and all three soccer FCs in Pacific Northwest heavily exploit social media to attract/serve their fans.  Sounders has the most number of fans, Whitecaps  uses the most number of social media channels, and Timbers is the only one (among these 3 clubs) that uses Feed.

Not surprisingly, among all the social media channels, Facebook ranked #1 in terms of the number of likes/follows for all the 3 clubs.  On the other hand, it’s worthwhile to note that 1) Foursquare is becoming popular in soccer fans, and 2) Whitecaps has attacked about 142K fans via Google+.  Sounders may consider  exploiting Foursquare and Google+, too.

Table: Social media data as of 4/14/2014

Seattle Sounders Portland Timbers Vancouver Whitecaps
Facebook (likes) 399K 171K 104K
Twitter (followers) 103K 61K 61K
Instagram (followers) 30K N/A 30K
Pinterest (followers) 1.2K 0.8K 0.4K
Foursquare (follows) N/A 18.7K 16.3K
Feed N/A Y N/A
Youtube(subs) N/A 4.3K 5.3K
Google+ (followers) N/A N/A 142K

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