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Tableau vs MicroStrategy

At the start of the quarter we saw an analysis comparing the social media marketing of Tableau and MicroStrategy. Today I’d like to revisit that comparison with some analytics. First, let’s take a look at top level metrics: Engagement, Page Fans, People Talking About This and Brand Posts. In each of these categories Tableau is the clear winner, with more than twice the numbers achieved by MicroStrategy:


Next let’s take a look at Fan Page Engagement:

Fan Page Engagement

As you can see, Tableau’s relative share of engagement is 89%. Part of this may be due to the fact that it’s newer to the market than MicroStrategy and is enjoying q buzz due to its rapid growth and adoption, but a look at the two sites shows the Tableau site is more interesting and engaging in terms of content and style.

Looking at fan engagement over time tells a similar story, with Tableau dominating:

Fan Page Engagement Over Time

Another key metric is Fan Interactions per Post, and here again, in Likes per Post, Comments per Post and particularly Shares per Post Tableau is killing it:

Fan Interactions per Post

Looking at Engagement on Brand Posts, Tableau again sees more engagement, but also uses Photos which turn out to be the most engaging type of post, while MicroStrategy doesn’t post Photos:

Engagement on Brand Posts

Conclusion: in the area of Social Media Marketing, Tableau is eating MicroStrategy’s lunch!


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