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Join Zen Mobile Games on twitter!

Zen Mobile Games

Join Zen Mobile Games on twitter! @ZenMobileGames



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Games for Change: Gaming the System for the Greater Good



Games for Change is a nonprofit organization which supports a humanitarian movement and community dedicated to using digital games for social change.

Does it look like they follow a social calendar?

Games for Change does seem to follow a social calendar – at least on Facebook. While they have an account on Twitter since 2011 it appears they’ve only posted a single tweet. They do have a Channel on Youtube, but it appears to be used mostly for videos of presentations by humanitarian game designers from their annual festivals (the most recent post was 9 months ago). Vimeo also has videos from their annual festivals as well as some awards shows related to socially conscious gaming. In both cases it appears they follow a calendar with one event: their annual festival. Similarly their flickr page is filled with images from festivals.

How many people contribute to the social channels?

On Facebook Games for Change has 7,566 likes and 147 people talking about them. They post from 1-3 posts per day on Facebook, and most of their posts earn from a handful to a couple dozen likes and occasional comments from fans. Their single post on Twitter has earned them 31 followers there. On Youtube their channel has 333 subscribers and on Vimeo they’ve posted 111 videos and have 2 likes and 6 people following.

What is the message they are getting across?

Their mission statement is “Catalyzing Social Impact Through Digital Games” and that message is omnipresent throughout their website and Facebook posts.

Who are they trying to reach?

Their aim is to reach potential stakeholders in this humanitarian and educational movement and provide a platform where committed philanthropists, non-profits, artists, developers and concerned citizens can come together to create change through digital gaming.

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Playstation vs. Xbox in the Social Media Space

Playstation and Xbox have long dominated the console gaming industry, and both were around for a long time before the rise of social media. How are they adapting to the new world of social media?


In nearly every category of social media penetration, across five of six channels (the five between the gaming divisions themselves) and nine of eleven metrics – Sony’s PlayStation division outshines Microsoft’s Xbox division. In only two metrics does Xbox currently lead: one is in number of tweets, where at 61.7K tweets Xbox has more than for times as many as it’s rival. Both companies’ posts across the whole spectrum of social media outlets they participate in are heavily dominated with product marketing. Perhaps most disappointing, especially given the youth demographic so sought after in this industry, is that both companies seem to use the same messaging and images across all channels.

On Instagram both feature the colors of their logos in many of their pictures. Playstation’s photos tend toward blue and violet hues:

PlayStation on Instagram


While Xbox’s pictures tend to include frequent use of bright green:

Xbox on Instagram

As well as a few slightly more interesting images than they post on their other social media sites. Playstation’s pictures tended a bit more to the avante-garde compared with Xbox’s more commercial style.

But overall, like their products, controllers, and release schedules – these two entities are far more alike than they are different in their channel participation and content, which makes Playstation’s impressive 267K “talking about this” on Facebook (456% more than Xbox) an indication that either they have a product that their fan base is particularly excited about or Playstation fans are just a chattier bunch. On that note, I think it’s time to fire up the PS4.


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