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Crowdbooster is a social media analytic SAAS product offered by Conversely, Inc., a company formed by three Stanford graduates in 2010. Crowdbooster tracks, measures and reports the effectiveness of entries on multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. Comments, replies, retweets, shares – all can be tracked in real-time so that response and reach can be measured and quantified immediately through reports and charts. The reach and engagement of individual Facebook posts can be viewed, giving companies the ability to see which messages were well received by their followers. Using this information, companies can make future messages more engaging for their audience. Fans and followers can be ranked based on how often and how they engage with posts, allowing companies to notice and recognize this loyalty. Social media professionals can also use the software to schedule tweets and posts to be released at the historically optimal time of day to ensure maximum reach.

One of the best features of Crowdbooster for companies seeking to expand their reach is the list of “influencial” twitter follower engagement (Crowdbooster uses Klout scores to determine “influence”). Using this information companies can interact with their most influential followers.

Though Crowdbooster does not offer a freemium service anymore, a free 30-day trial is available. An excellent review of Crowdbooster tools, complete with videos, is available at


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Do you ever find out something about someone that you have known for a long time that surprises you? I just plugged in to Newsle and found out many things about many people whom I count among my friends. Well “friends” may be bit strong a term for some of them. I would say hello if I saw them on the street, let’s go with that. What kinds of things? There is the VP I worked with for seven years who is now an EVP and rated as a “Woman of Influence” according to And a woman I graduated high school with who brought a whistleblower case against pharmaceutical giant Amgen, Inc. that was settled at $780M. And my favorite coffee barista who spends his spare time as an auctioneer for notable charities. These intriguing tidbits of knowledge about my good friends and sort-of friends were obtained through the social media source known as Newsle.

How challenging is Newsle to use? Super simple. Falls more into the so-simple-I-wonder-why-I-haven’t-used-it-until-now category, actually. When signing in for the first time, Newsle gives the user the option to sign in through a Facebook or LinkedIn account or to sign up without either. I signed in using my LinkedIn account, and Newsle gave me the option of setting a time limit to how long the Newsle site can access my information. I was then given the option to add my Facebook friends, which I did. I was also given the option to import my personal email contacts, which I did not do. In no time I had a fairly impressive list of news features about my friends. As a bonus I was also given a list of news features about my friend’s friends too. My friends have some very interesting friends, something I always assumed but now know for sure. The option is also given to “follow” other people (politicians, celebs, etc).

My Newsle page –

Most of the information that Newsle found about my friends is professional, which is not surprising of course. I thought it *might* find something like an obituary of a friend that recently passed away, since it has her location and combs “over 1 million articles daily”. But it didn’t. A quick review of the “About Newsle” blurb shows that Newsle “does not search personal records, criminal records, phone numbers, addresses or other private information.” That is reassuring. Also reassuring is that Newsle promises it will never make entries on your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts without permission, and that it won’t share your personal information such as name or email address (though it might share your IP address). Access to Facebook and LinkedIn can also be closed at any time by the user.

All in all this is a tool that could prove to be very useful professionally, particularly if you don’t really know how far your professional network might reach.

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Social Media at Nordstrom


It’s easy to see that retail, especially shoe and apparel retail, is an extremely competitive business. The choices seem endless and continue to increase. The distinguishing characteristics are the same as most other industries. Retailers establish their market with quality, price, selection, availability and service. While Nordstrom strives to provide quality merchandise, relevant and diverse selection, availability and accessibility, the real differentiator for the company is to provide the best service possible.

In the traditional retail business model, making sure each customer left the store with a great feeling about the interaction and level of care that they received was obviously a much different proposition than it is today. Customers can order and receive merchandise from the virtual store without ever setting foot in a store, without ever talking with a Nordstrom employee, without receiving any of the “personal touch” that built the Nordstrom business. Obviously great customer experience can still be translated in the retail digital space, through touch points such as an easy to navigate website that is engaging, reliable and offers filter options, and merchandise delivery that arrives on time and in the condition expected. For Nordstrom, social media has provided a means to connect with customers and potential customers who might otherwise not fully realize the Nordstrom dedication to a great customer experience.


Social media has also provided a way for Nordstrom to gain fun and coolness factor, as evidenced in this video posted in Nordstrom Facebook, Twitter and YouTube feeds today:

A few things about the coolness factor of this video – The irony of using a song by the artist Macklemore whose current hit song “Thrift Shop” eschews actually purchasing high-dollar threads is quite delicious. Also, Nordstrom, who announced support of gay marriage earlier this year, feature same-sex couples in their wedding finery. Social media in this one post has allowed the company to not only showcase the Nordstrom Wedding Suite (a new-ish wedding department), but to publicly take a stand on a very turbulent topic.

Social media is also a very strong marketing tool for the company, helping to bring a spotlight on services, events or departments that might slide under the radar of many customers if not for a mention in a social media feed. Social media has recently been used to spotlight various designers, beauty trends and events such as surprise celebrity visits. And then there is the obvious use of feedback to get perceptions of changes in the store – if the Christmas décor is not well-received for instance. Posts have also been used to bring customers into the store, such as:

Nordstrom Beauty‏@nordstrombeauty17h

Find your new foundation for spring: #FREE sample of ANY foundation in-store today! #SampleSpotlight

Nordstrom has responded to the immediacy and power of social media by developing a team that deals only with social media response, which is online almost 24 hours a day. In creating this team, Nordstrom is following through with its tenet that each customer should have a good experience and response time to perceived customer unhappiness is currently down to an average of less than four hours.


Every woman needs to go get fitted at @Nordstrom! My specialist totally made my day and the whole Nordstrom crew was so sweet!

Monica G.

Stayed up late looking through the @nordstrom fall catalog. Key reading in a city where fall lasts 8 months 😉

Sonja M.

Of course, my lipstick red Joan & David pumps I bought from @nordstrom kept me comfortable & stylish all nite. Love them.

Liz P.

I thought this myself the other day… RT @Crys_ Is @Nordstrom the last place left to experience exquisite service?


went to the @nordstrom at the @ShopNorthBridge today. my son got his first shoe shine!

Robert R.

I’m kind of loving my $10 shades I got at The Rail @Nordstrom. Beats breaking/losing another pair of Ray Bans.

Lindsey Q.

Nothing worse than buying a dress for a party that night and finding a hole after you leave home, heading back to @Nordstrom in the morning.

W. Lynn

I guess there really is a first time for everything… : ( very unhappy face @Nordstrom#devastated


Wowed by @nordstrom customer service! Walked in with a shoe strap coming unhinged, walked out with a brand new pair of tory’s! #wowfactor

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