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FollowerWonk is a paid social media tool for Twitter. This tool gives a wide variety of information about the followers of a given account and about the account’s activity on twitter. This can be very useful to assess the demographics of the follower base of a given account.

FollowerWonk also provides statistics about twitter activity and about any twitter account. This is an example of the summary of statistics for one account.geekhealthfollowerwonk

FollowerWonk has a proprietary metric called Social Authority. In their own words: Social Authority helps you find, optimize, and engage your Twitter audience. It’s a 1 to 100 point scale that measures a user’s influential content on Twitter. More than just another self-focused metric, Social Authority helps you discover influential tweeters.

These statistics are available also for followers of a given account. For example in the case of geekhealthnw these are two of the top followers as scored by Social Authoritytopusersfollowerwonk

FollowerWonk also provides demographic information. It can use google maps to show distribution of followers per region. Mapfollowerwonk

FollowerWonk can also provide other statistics such as language spoken and gender when available:demofollowerwonk

FollowerWonk can be used to track follower activity in Twitter. This is an example of a timeline of new and lost followers. This can be very useful to evaluate results of social media campaigns or types of content postedtimelinefollowerwonk

In conclusion FollowerWonk is an excellent resource to track metrics of activity in Twitter.


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TweetDeck, a dashboard for Twitter

tweetdeck1TweetDeck is a Dashboard application for Twitter that allows power users to organize their twitter interactions. TweetDeck divides its user interface into multiple columns that can be customized to show specific twitter information. The power of being able to sort combined with the ability to manage the content for multiple twitter accounts simultaneously make TweetDeck a very powerful app to manage twitter.

TweetDeck started its life as a third party application until 2011 when it was acquired by Twitter.  TweekDeck works on multiple platforms. They have a desktop application for Windows and Mac, they have web versions and a Chrome app. They also have mobile versions in the most popular platforms.

The first step is to create a tweetdeck account. This is different than a Twitter account, the advantage of doing this is that the customized dashboard will be present in all the platforms.

The initial configuration of TweetDeck presents several preconfigured filters:

  • Timeline. This is your real time tweeter feed for messages
  • Interactions. This shows you the interactions that your followers have had with you. For example who are the latest people who have followed you.
  • Messages. These show the direct messages you have received in Twitter.
  • Activity. This shows the activity of your network. For example you can see as someone on your network starts following somebody else.

All the filters in TweetDeck are highly configurable to target specific users or content, and to generate alerts based on this.

Additionally you can create custom filters to follow specific conversations. For example for my Dashboard I created a filter specifying the words “FT-7” and in tweets that included @geekhealthnw to be able to follow the conversation around one of the blog posts I was interested in.

Twitter is a tool where there is a LOT of information flowing all the time. I have found that a tool like TweetDeck has helped me be able to sort and digest information and be able to follow multiple topics and conversations. It is available across multiple platforms, so for the power users who want or need to have constant access to the Twitterverse this can be a very useful tool. tweeteck2


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What do a writer, a comic book artist, charity, game reviews, web comics, conventions, merchandising and a senate state resolution have in common? I expect that people would either immediately know the answer to this question, or would never be able to guess.The answer is a company: Penny-arcade. But this is a company like no other.

The story of Penny-arcade is a Cinderella meets social media story. This is one venture that illustrates how humble talent, hard work, a bit of luck and social media can create incredible results.

The story starts in the late nineties with two gentlemen: Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Mike and Jerry went to high school together and shared a passion for games. As a hobby they started a comic where Mike would draw and Jerry would write the stories. These were the early days of the internet and the power of social media was still years away. Mike and Jerry initially used a 3rd party website to publish their comics and started to gain popularity. They had a unique style to their art and message, you could describe it as “unfiltered, brutally honest” and this formula resonated very well with their audience.

The relationship with the 3rd party company did not work. It was then when luck stroke and they met Robert Khoo. Robert was a business manager who recognized their potential and offered to be their business manager (initially for free!). Mike and Jerry partnered with Robert and he was able to help them start Penny-arcade.

Their success was driven from their connection and interaction with their audience. In the early years of the company it ran exclusively on donations. Over the years the trio has grown a humble web comic into one of the most influential organizations on the games industry. All along they have done this based on the connection they have with their audience and they have of course used all the main social media outlets to foster this connection.

Today Penny-arcade uses a large number of channels to reach and connect with their audiences. They were born on the internet and have grown with it. They created podcasts, online TV channel, merchandising, vetted advertising, their own video game, a charity organization and one of the largest video game conventions meeting in Seattle, Boston and soon Australia. Many of their endeavors have been very successful, and in 2009 they received official recognition from the Washington State Legislature.

Today you can find them on their own website where they run their comics, their blog and is the hub of their internet presence. They interact with their fans on their own forums, on facebook where they have over 45,000 likes, on twitter where they have over 24,000 followers. They are of course at the top of any web search index. They even created a kickstarter project where they asked their fans to fund them again and dedicate more time to fan’s request instead of some of their commercial projects. They raised over half a million dollars.

Penny-arcade’s use of multiple social media outlets has been one the key assets for their success.

Penny-arcade social media presence.

Penny-arcade social media presence.


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