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Sitetrail – high level analysis for website and social media

SiteTrail gives you a wealth of analytical information ranging from social media analysis, SEO analysis, Visitor analysis, Traffic analysis, Revenue analysis, content analysis . Major  companies may  already have this information. However,  SiteTrail will be useful for getting information about their competitors.for e.g in less than 3 min I was able to compile the below high level  information about vs

Social Media score



SEO Score



Unique visitors



Traffic Rank



Ad revenue potential

125 M USD

41.6 M USD

Site worth

224 M USD

75 M USD

The social media analysis section provides very detailed information about  the reach.


The site also analyses visitors and  provides heat maps based on visitors  geographic location.It also tells how many times a visitor comes back to the site.

Another Useful information is the keyword density on the home page. This gives you a sense of what the competitor is focusing on. A  sample comparison for and is provided below

Home Page Keyword Density

Games- 1.5%


Books – 1.5%

electronics – 0.97%


generation apple ipod – 0.85%

cloud player – 0.5%


amazon prime-0.5%

apple ipod touch-0.85%

instant videos- 0.5%

sporting goods-.85%

So my take is,  if you want to provide some high level social media and  competitor website analysis information, then is a tool you should check out.


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Twilert – Know the buzz


Twilert is a simple tool that helps you receive regular email updates of tweets containing your company, product, brand or any search phrase. You can logon either using your google or twitter account.  One can easily set up search phrases and when you like to receive an email containing the tweet results. The tweet phrase results can be further restricted to tweets from certain people or certain location or  also by whether the tweets are positive, negative or merely a question.

The tool enables you to set up highly customized tweet searches like the ones below

giants -New York :  Twitter will search for any tweet with the term “giants” without references to New York, so this would be helpful if you followed the baseball team from San Francisco but not the football team in New York

“boston” -rt –via :If you want to search for anything about ‘boston’ but without the re-tweeted stuff

#spring cleaning near:Seattle : If you want to know whether people have started spring cleaning in Seattle. 

I find this very useful to gauge the level of social engagement. If you are a startup business and want to know  what people are talking regarding  your product or brand or business area then you can easily set up twilerts. Your users  are most likely going to tweet their experience and not post news articles . While google alerts are useful to know what the pundits and writers are saying , twilerts are useful to know what your actual users are saying.

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REI Store – An urban jungle in Seattle



I am impressed by how well the REI store in Yale Ave, Seattle reflects the interests of their target customer. They have created an urban jungle as part of the store. The moment you step out of your car from their garage, you enter a jungle with tall evergreen trees and soothing sound of a waterfall. This immediately makes you shed the city-dweller in you and connect with yourself deeply. They make you realize who you are, what interests you and what you want to do etc. even before showing their products. They have seating areas and benches made of actual trees from popular hiking and trekking destinations. They’ve also built rough walking paths and bike paths that you can use to try their products. REI customers cannot afford to try the products in terrains that are far away. Hence, REI brings the mountain to the Muhammad.

                Another thing that impressed me was the store layout. A lot of shelves and racks have wheels and hence the store layout is redefined frequently to suit the seasonal products. They also have a kids play area that has a slide from a tree house. What better whey to entice future customers. The store also offer several classes to learn about  bike maintenance  climbing & snowshoeing. One thing that puzzles me is the low number (only in thousands) of likes and followers in their social media platforms like Facebook and twitter. Is it because the customers who enjoy solitary merriment in expansive natural fields do not like to be part of a crowd and social platforms? Anyways, visit the store if you are in Seattle. They only make you realize your calling and things you may need to fulfill the calling.

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