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Planes, Trains or Automobiles

The growth in using planes and automobile in the United States as a means for transportation is increasing at a faster rate than trains. The United States falls behind other major developed countries in using trains as mode of transportation for people. For example, the modal ratio of railway transport (excluding metro) compared to other modes transportation show the following:

Country Modal Ration (%)(higher value means higher usage of rail)
Japan 27
Switzerland 16.4
France 9.2
Germany 7.7
Indonesia 6.3
United States 0.3



Organization Info

Our team is looking to promote using more railroads for passengers in the United States. In my research, I found an organization in support of this cause: National Association of Railroad Passengers.


Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

The website for this association has a content calendar and a sample is shown below:



How many people contribute to the social channels?

Not many people are contributing to the social channels today. I’ve listed the social channels and activity summaries below:

Facebook (3,518 likes, 358 talking about this)

Twitter (1,679 tweets, 185 following, 807 followers)

YouTube (60 subscribers)

Google+ (23 followers, 713 viewers)

Pinterest   (none)

Flickr (none)






What is the message they are getting across?

The National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP) is working to educate people that national passenger train network is a good option for travel and demonstrating that Americans want this option. NARP is the largest national membership advocacy organization for train and rail transit passengers. They started in 1967 and have 20,000+ individual members.


Who are they trying to reach?

Politician’s and people interested in using more rail for transportation needs.



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Welcome to Spring 2014 Quarter

So why does a TMMBA class have a public facing blog? Why are assignments submitted in a such a way that the whole world can view them?

One of the main themes that will be surfaced during this class is the idea of a “social culture.”  The social culture permeates not just friend groups, but small businesses and large corporations.

You all likely have co-workers who are leveraging the social culture inside their organizations to accelerate their career paths, defining themselves as subject matter experts in channels where their higher-ups can notice them.

You’ll be writing about companies, products and social media tools on this blog. Some of you will get responses from the marketing people at these companies. You’ll be able to tell who the really smart companies are, because they will reach out to this group of 100 Technology MBA’s in one of the country’s technology epicenters,  and ask you to demo their products.

Also, this class – and this blog especially – is a safe sandbox to experiment with new ideas. Try types of content or writing styles you might not put on a personal blog or LinkedIn profile. Test what works and what doesn’t. Have some fun with this form of media.

Above all, see if you can figure out how a social culture can benefit you.

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7 More Causes to Get Behind

The 2nd session of students in Entre 528 have their own set of solid causes to get behind. If you can help them spread the word, please reach out to the group at their individual Twitter accounts (coming soon) or hit us @Entre528.

  1. Promoting Water Conservation
  2. The Surfrider Foundation and promoting clean beaches
  3. How to affect the STEM gap in education
  4. “Geek Health” – How to promote healthy living in the technology field
  5. Driving awareness of the Pacific Science Center
  6. Public awareness of hearing loss
  7. And a wildcard report on how some Seattle companies stack up against each other in social channels.

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7 Causes Worth Promoting

The 1st group of UW TMMBA Spring ’13 students are done with Session 1, and we have 7 great causes for you to keep your eyes on. If you are able and willing to help spread the word on any of these causes, or lend valuable content to help make their channels grow, please make sure to let us know, by reaching out to @ENTRE528.

The 7 so far (these may change over time):

  1. The Center for Wooden Boats (or general maritime awareness.)
  2. Reducing pet deaths due to over-population
  3. Increasing the amount of animal adoptions
  4. Encouraging food trucks to move past just Seattle and to the Eastside.
  5. A better way fro DRM
  6. Rose International – Training people through the use of mobile devices on how to learn skills
  7. “What’s next?” – Helping incoming students adjust to college life.

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Welcome to Spring 2013

Hello everyone. Welcome to Entre 528, Social Media Strategy.

We have a few social accounts that you can join and follow as well. I tag presentations I like for you guys to check out on Slideshare at

We have a Twitter account which I’ll give you the password for Saturday, at

We also have a class Facebook Page we can use for experimentation at

More to come. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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The Social Media Ecosystem, Explained

Link to Business

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The “Flipping” Point

I really enjoyed this post from Seth Godin this morning regarding “The flipping point.

The post was relevant for our class, because it describes why it is so hard to start a social media campaign from scratch. Some excerpts:

When people say, “The tipping point,” they often misunderstand the concept in Malcolm’s book. They’re actually talking about the flipping point. The tipping point is the sum total of many individuals buzzing about something. But for an individual to start buzzing, something has to change in that person’s mind. Something flips from boredom or ignorance to excitement or anger…

It starts when the story of a brand or a person or a store or an experience flips in your head and it goes from good to bad, or from ignored to beloved. The flipping point doesn’t represent the sum of public conversations, it’s the outcome of an activated internal conversation…

Before the tipping point, someone has to flip. And then someone else. And then a hundred more someones…

I advise making Seth a regular read. Always great stuff.

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How Office 365 Leveraged Bloggers For Their Product Launch

Great summary from the Social Media Examiner about how Microsoft worked with a key audience group to get the word out. Very applicable for our projects – Understand who your audience is, and include them in your process.

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Caine’s Arcade

For those who haven’t seen this, it’s a real joy to watch.

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Google+ Redesigns Their Look

Probably time for everyone to take a look at the new Google+ which rolled out today. Here, Mashable details some clever hacks to the Cover photo.

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The “I Care” Button

Interesting concept:

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Why Facebook Bought Instagram

Best piece I’ve seen on this so far.

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Pinterest Now 3rd Largest Social Network

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Hubspot’s 20 Fresh Stats About the State of Inbound Marketing in 2012

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Congrats SplitPen and GroBox

I am very excited to see two imaginative companies, led by students from the UW TMMBA Program, make it on to the next round of the University of Washington’s Business Plan Competition.

  • GroBox aims to make it super easy to grow your own fruits and vegetables in a small amount of space.
  • Splitpen is a creative online outlet for ordinary people of all abilities to come together and co-write stories with multiple plot lines, sub-plots and endings.

Both of these aspiring young companies will be showcasing their programs in social media campaigns in the coming weeks.  Be sure to keep an eye out for them.


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5 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Timeline Page with Images

Good summary from the Social Media Examiner:

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I better not see this in class


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Visible Technologies buys Cymfony

via @Geekwire

Visible Technologies is buying Cymfony in a deal that brings together two long-time players in the social media monitoring and analytics space, GeekWire has learned.

As a result of the deal, Cymfony president Richard Pasewark will assume the CEO role of the combined company, relocating from Boston to Seattle where the company will be based. Meanwhile, Kelly Pennock — who had served as CEO of Visible Technologies — has stepped down.


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19 Tools for Pinterest

Social Media Today presents 19 tools that make Pinterest better. Here’s the list.

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Facebook and Hubspot Webinar on Facebook Engagement

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Facebook Timeline for Brands

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50 Branded Facebook Cover Photos

50 Branded Facebook Cover Photos via Bullet Keles

View more presentations from Bulent Keles

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61 Inspiring Facebook Page Headers

via Bruno Fridlansky on

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Have You Built Any Channels Yet?

Some of the groups may have already built one or two of your social channels by now.  If so, this blog is a great place to announce them.  Feel free to upload a screen shot and/or a link, in order to direct traffic from here over to your new channel.  It should help a little with SEO  as well.

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A Note about “Good”

This came across my email today.  Thought I would forward it along, as it looks like great resource for anyone involved in a program with a social agenda.


Hey Jumo/GOOD people,

As a former member of Jumo, you’ve got just five days left to share your project with the community on GOOD Maker. Submit your project for social impact and you’ll be in the running to receive funding—plus you’ll have the chance to be featured on GOOD.

Submit your project idea by April 3rd. It’s easy: just upload a photo or video and write a paragraph telling us about the great work you’re currently doing or a new idea you want to implement. Inspire us with your creativity and we’ll help spread your message.

$500: Individuals and groups SUBMIT IDEA
$2,500: Organizations SUBMIT IDEA

Follow us on Twitter @GOODMkr
We’re constantly posting new Challenges on GOOD Maker. Follow us on Twitter to learn about current Challenges and to discuss exciting ideas for social change.

Let’s make good happen,

Jen Chiou
General Manager, GOOD Maker
Sign up here for monthly updates on upcoming GOOD Maker opportunities

Unfortunately, only U.S.-based individuals, groups and organizations may apply to current Challenges. In the meantime, we invite all GOOD community members to peruse submitted ideas and projects, make comments and ask questions, and help move forward the discussion on the proposed ideas for social change.

You’re receiving this email as a member of Jumo. Jumo merged with GOOD, and now we’re moving together to realize our shared vision.

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What should I blog about?

WordPress Blog set up – Check.

Now what?

Coming up with content ideas can be a major roadblock for businesses.  One way to generate new ideas is to ask yourself some questions.  Using a question as the basis of a post can stimulate ideas and help you generate the 200-500 words you need.   Here are some example questions to ask yourself?

  1. Why did my group decide to support this cause?
  2. What are some other great articles or web sites that describe the cause we are supporting?
  3. Who are some people that support the same cause, and why are they behind it?
  4. Has there been any recent news about your cause?  What is your reaction to that news?
  5. Have any other people or companies that support the same cause done anything really interesting lately? Is there news about them that you would want to comment on?
  6. Do any organizations that support the cause you are supporting have any upcoming events? Have they recently had an event? If so, will you go to it? Did anyone recently host an event? If so, did you go?
  7. Are there any videos on YouTube that support your cause? Can you embed them in a blog post and explain why the video is important?
  8. Is anyone you follow on Twitter writing any interesting blog posts that you want to recommend?

These are just 8 quick ideas to drive your content and editorial calendar forward.  Once you publish the blog posts, it’s easy to post them to Twitter and Facebook and drive more traffic to the post.

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Social Media Links for Campaign Building

Here are some links we went over in class:

Facebook Pages:

Building Free (or Cheap) Facebook Tabs:
North Social:

URL Shorteners

Audience ID Tools
Follower Wonk:
Simply Measured:

Social Media Dashboards:

Name Chk:
Know Your Meme:

Facebook Advertising:

More Suggested Tools from Others:


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