Redbox vs Netflix

Redbox and Netflix are two companies on a collision course. Dominate players in different areas of the DVD rental space; they both now have their sights set squarely on internet streaming. To analyze how this battle is playing out over social media, let’s use some different social media analytics and measurement tools to compare and contrast these two titans.

Social Mention:


Netflix has higher scores on strength, passion, and sentiment. This tells us that Netflix is discussed more often and, because of the higher sentiment ratio, is discussed more favorably than Redbox. Netflix has more passionate advocates who discuss the brand more frequently.



Topsy is a tool that shows data on tweets per day over different time periods. Here we can see the difference in tweets for Netflix vs Redbox is enormous; 35k Redbox tweets in the last month vs 2.6 million for Netflix.

Weather these stats are an indication that Redbox needs more focus on their social media strategy or that Redbox is lagging Netflix due to fundamental differences in the perception of their brands is up for debate. For Redbox’s sake, hopefully the former, which wouldn’t be as difficult of a fix, otherwise, they are in serious trouble.


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