Social Media Analysis: American Airlines vs Delta

On our previous post “American Vs Delta : Which is the Largest Airline in Social Media” was analyzed the presence of American Airlines and Delta Airlines in the Social Media, now some analytics will be done to see how effective is their social media.
Topsy helps to monitor the traffic of the tweets per day, and can be observed that American Airlines has an average of almost 2,000 replies per day and Delta with an average of over 1,000 replies per day, indicating that American Airlines is more active/involved.
Social Mention displays different statistics like the strength, passion and reach of the tweets, it also has a sentiment analysis where it classifies the mentions in positive, neutral or negative to determine a ratio and also shows the latest mentions in Tweeter. For the two brands in question American Airlines tweets more and has a better sentiment score than Delta; the average time per mention for both companies is around 1 minute. Delta Airlines tweets/mentions have a better score in strength and reach but the sentiment ratio and passion favor American Airlines and here are the numbers:
American Airlines
Delta Airlines
Finally on Keyhole can be observed the geographical presence of the airlines and in the demographics American Airlines has more males tweeting/interacting with the brand and with Delta the women’s have been more vocal and mainly for an incident mentioned on some tweets shown on the picture above where a woman was not allowed to nurse a baby during the flight 2655. Keyhole also has a chart where the posts are classified on ReTweets, Replies and Original Posts and can be noticed that both companies replies are a significant amount of their social activity and this can be attributed to the customer service interactions.

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