Social Ciclismo: Orbea v Cannondale

In my last post, I provided a brief comparison between two music services that are near and dear to my love of underground tunes. This time I decided to analyze how two of my favorite bike firms add up in the twittersphere.

Raised in rural Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh, I grew up with the state’s pride and joy of handmade bike manufacturers: Cannondale. Initially wrought out in the small town of Bedford in the ’70s, Cannondale has since grown and diversified into a world leader of mass-produced rides. One of my first dirt jumpers was a Cannondale, and my current racing XC mountain bike is a Scalpel (yes, with one of those whack Lefty shocks). 

Enter Orbea. As my riding style evolved to more city and road treks, I developed a strong connection with Orbea. This firm is based in my cycling spirit’s home of the Spanish Basque Country. Founded in the ’30s, this former gun manufacturer has led the peloton with its attention to making the best climbing road frames in the world.

As I prepared to purchase my next racing road bike, I had to decide which of these deeply-ingrained labels I would climb on for my future road treks. Since my passion of cycling has entered into the social media realm, I decided to analyze how these two firms fared among other tech savvy followers. Focusing on their twitter presence, I used Moz’s followerwonk to crunch some comparative analyses:



Cannondale reigns supreme on total followers, engagement rate, and followers per day metrics. Orbea, however, dominates in the retweet, and URL tweet figures. Recalling my experiences with both channels, Orbea does a fine job of being all-inclusive with their content. They leave no stone unturned and at times create campaigns actioning followers to send in pics of children riding their Orbea kid bikes.

Moz’s social authority metric is a bit confusing. Their 100-point grading scale has Cannondale as a break-away 63 versus Orbea’s score of 56. I thought at first the formula would have weighted URL tweets and retweets in favor of Orbea, but since Cannondale has an almost 3.5x larger audience, their activities are equivalent to Orbea’s smaller cult following.

If you’re wondering which fork in the road I decided to take, after graduation I will be crawling on my brand new Orbea Orca. I can’t wait to take her on my tour of Portugal this autumn. Be on the lookout for tweets on @Orbea of the experience!


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