Who is the winner? @SamsungMobileUSA vs @AppStore

Samsung and Apple take very different strategies in managing their brand reputation in the social media space. ‘Samsung mobile USA’ is very actively communicating with people through major social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+. On the other hand, Apple has been reluctant about strengthening its brand awareness in social media space. But rather, it seems that Apple is only interested in promoting Apple’s contents and software distribution platforms that are iTunes and App Store. Apple’s only two official social media identities are iTunes on Facebook and App Store on Twitter.

‘Samsung Mobile USA’ vs ‘iTunes’ on Socialmention

Let me compare ‘Samsung Mobile USA’ with ‘App Store’ using socialmention to see general presence of those two companies in the social media space. I found a lot of similarities between those two, but at the same time, there are a few great differences as well. First, let’s take a look at the table below.


As you can see the table above, App Store has slightly larger figures in terms of strength and reach, but Samsung Mobile has higher passion and sentiment levels.  Also, App Store is being mentioned every 15 seconds, while Samsung Mobile is 1 minutes. But in general, the differences are not significantly big.

But, there is an interesting big difference between them, which is Top Users. Please see the chart below.


It is obvious that Saumsung Mobile official twitter account itself is the most active influencer that creates various kinds of contents regarding Samsung Mobile USA. On the other hand, there is no official Apple account among Top 10 Users that are chatting about App Store. All things taken together, I can say that Samsung Mobile, the company itself is driving Samsung Mobile’s social presence, in other words, the majority of contents on social media regarding Samsung Mobile are company-generated contents. However, thanks to a lot of people who are creating buzz and contents in the social media space about App Store, Apple doesn’t seem to put as much money and resources as Samsung does.

‘Samsung Mobile USA’ vs ‘iTunes’ on Topsy


I used Topsy to analyze trends of tweets about @SamsungMobileUSA and @AppStore to compare them. In terms of consistency, SamsungMobileUSA is more volatile than Apple. Also, the average number of replies to @SamusungMobileUSA is approximately 500 per day, while @AppStore has 2k+ replies per day. (It’s almost 4 times bigger.) It simply shows that @AppStore has a stronger presence in twitter than @SamsungMobileUSA although Samsung is concentrating efforts to increase its social media presence.


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