Social Media Heavy Weight bout part Deux

In our last installment we looked at how the two social media titans, Facebook and Twitter actually used social media themselves.  Our analysis showed they were both heavy users of their own dog food, but didn’t stray outside of their own box much.

This round we look at how the two titans match up across the board using some social media analytics tools.  First off we’ll look at how the two fare overall using Social Mention.


 twitter-socialmention  facebook-socialmention
Twitter Facebook


As we can see, Facebook scores better on strength, passion, and sentiment.  This suggests that Facebook has a higher likelihood of being discussed, and when discussed, much more likely to be favorable than Twitter.  Twitter has more reach, with more individuals talking about twitter than Facebook with a healthy ratio of generally 5 positive comments to 1 negative comment.  We’ll give round one to Facebook.

Let’s look specifically at Twitter traffic and see how the two rivals stack up.  Luckily Topsy provides us with analysis of twitter traffic.  Here we see counts of tweets per day for the last month mentioning Facebook, Twitter, and Social Networks.


This data confirms the Social Mention reach metrics, clearly showing that Twitter (at least on Twitter) has a higher volume of mentions.  Based on this data and overall reach/mentions, we’ll give this round to Twitter.

For our decider we’ve chosen Follower Wonk to make the final judgment in our Social Media smack down.  Normally we would analyze the followers of each of these companies, but the tool limits analysis to accounts with less than 850,000 followers.  The two combined have over 44 Million followers.  Given the limitation we choose to analyze who the company follows.


Delving into the details we see that Twitter follows more users, has more followers, and higher retweet percentage.  We also see that Twitter has a higher total and weekly tweets as well as engagement and followers per day which confirms the data we saw with Social Mention.  Now, this is Twitter’s home turf, so we’d expect Twitter to rough up any contenders on their own platform so the judges have met and we’re going to call this round a draw.  So let us know who you think is better in Social Media, Twitter or Facebook



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