Seattle Sounders and Seattle Reign

Sounders FC is a professional men’s soccer club located at Seattle WA, competing in Major League Soccer.  Seattle Reign FC is a professional women’s soccer team based in Seattle, Washington, playing in (NWSL) National Women’s Soccer League.

Sounds FC’s home field is CenturyLink, while Reign’s home field is Memorial Stadium (Seattle).  These two fields are close: it takes about 15 minutes to drive from one to the other.   Also, these two club’s home game schedules do not conflict with other.   Both these clubs use Twitter as a social media to promote themselves.

Following is an analysis of their usage of Twitter:

1.  Twitter

Data below shows that Sounders started to use Twitter much earlier than Reign.  This is not surprising because Reign FC was founded in 2012 and started to play in 2013.

Account                   @SoundersFC                 @SeattleReignFC

Tweets                        21.1K                               2,474

Photos/Videos          1,090                               275

Following                      301                                225

Followers                     107K                               15.5K

Joined                        11/2008                           N/A


2. TOPSY data

Both Reign FC and Sounders FC have good (80+) sentiment scores: they have been performing relatively well this season.  In particular, Reign has won all 7 games so far.  Tweet reply trend is that on a game day, the number of replies climbs.  In the past 30 days, Reign has about 13K replies while Sounders has about 15K replies.  Both clubs have done a good job.  Also, it is interesting that there were not as many replies as expected to sounders when Sounders lost to NE by 0:5 on 5/11.


Specifically, 30-day trend is as follows:


Sounders FC


Specifically, 30-day trend is as follows:


 Summary  Based on the analyses above, we know that both clubs have a solid base of fans (using Twitters) and that both clubs have high reputations.  We can say that use of Twitter enables fans to talk about their clubs and players more conveniently during games.  Also,  it’s implied that Seattle is a soccer city, and people like talking about soccer games, whether they are played by men or women.





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