Is there really a differrence between H-D and Honda?

So, I have this lovely 3rd assignment with a deadline looming, not to say I am procrastinating, but it is getting along well towards the end of the deadline.  I decided to pick two companies to compare their social media content and social authority that are in a similar industry but could be considered polar opposites: Harley-Davidson (H-D) and Honda.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I own and ride both and there is nothing better than seeing people’s reaction when I ride my Honda Goldwing wearing my Harley regalia and vice versa (I wish I had a camera each time).

Using Follower Wonk, I was able to pull up the below Twitter statistics for both H-D and Honda:


Milwaukee, WI

Social Authority: 71

Followers: 196,388

Days on: 2,023

Retweets: 20.0%

@Contacts: 1.0%

URL tweets: 68.5%


Torrance, Calif.

Social Authority: 79

Followers: 300,178

Days on: 1,817

Retweets: 0.5%

@Contacts: 85.5%

URL tweets: 13.0%

Of note, there were some significant differences and only two similarities in the profiles.  This is my rundown of the numbers:  H-D Has less than 200K followers while Honda has over 300K, but H-D retweets 20% of the time vs Honda’s .5%.  I attribute this to H-D creating a more personalized voice relating more to their follower directly and individually while Honda gives a voice of communicating via a call or service center (customer support).  Honda appears to reaches out @Contact much more than H-D, which I believe is because Honda is using a customer resource management (CRM) tool and H-D is using the initial tweet to reach out.  The social authority and days on were, in my opinion, close with H-D being on ~200 days earlier, but Honda indicated a bit stronger in the social authority scale, perhaps due to the larger follower base.

 I also found very interesting information on individuals whom the companies follow, and that there is a very small (.1%) overlap in where both H-D and Honda follow the same individuals (there may be more people like me out there in the web verse).  While each company followed roughly the same number of individuals, the ratio of users followed by H-D was much higher at 5.3% (1049/196388) to Honda’s 3.9% (1180/300178), given H-D’s smaller follower base.  Of particular note, there were 3 users that both companies followed, the following information refers:

 Comparison of users Harley-Davidson & Honda follow:

1,049 users followed by Harley-Davidson

1,180 users followed by Honda

followed by Harley-Davidsons: 1,046 (47.0%)

followed by Honda: 1,177 (52.9%)

followed by both: 3 (0.1%)

Combined total followed: 2,226

 Final observations:

 I was expecting that given my experience with both companies, I was quite surprised at the extent that H-D engaged via Twitter and the size of the population following both companies.  I was also quite amazed that I was (without much outside influence) be able to figure out how to use an analytical tool for the social media, and able to easily gather information that is useful.  I believe the experience helps me understand better the power of the tool and the media used to reach out to customers and has inspired me to develop and incorporate a SMM element  with my own business.


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