The Battle between Honda and Toyota

Honda and toyota have long fought over the attention of the American public. Now that battle has taken to a new stage as Social media becomes an important factor for both companies and society as a whole. To better understand this trend, I used Social Mention, Topsy, and Wonkfollower as my analytics tools of choice.







The actual number of posts with positive sentiment was fairly similar between the two car makers (85 to 89). However, Toyota shows more strength and passion due to the larger number of neutral posts made by Honda. The amount of negative sentiment was small for both companies.

Honda vs toyota

Honda shows a larger more consistent social media presence than Toyota.


Consistent with the Topsy analysis above, Honda shows a stronger follower base. Toyota has followed much more than Honda but it hasn’t been recipricated.

From this Analysis, Honda appears to have a larger social media presence but it isn’t being as favorably received in terms of sentimment percentages. Dispite the differences in social media between these companies. The trend of not having a test is very clear. #NoTESTAndy

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by | May 19, 2014 · 6:30 am

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