Redfin and Zillow – not so different after all

I was on the market for a house a couple of months and used the Redfin app to look for homes. I do wonder if using Zillow would have been any different. I searched in Topsy and Social mention for both companies to see if I could find any reason why a regular ‘Joe’ like myself would want to use either.
Selena Gomez put her house on the market in early May! That was the reason why there were so many tweets on May 1st. Aside from a celebrity’s house being listed on Redfin, it is not very clear what can be deciphered from the sentiment numbers. From the Zillow side, it seems that their announcement to predict future home values got a lot of attention on May 8th, along with some ‘positive’ labeled sentiments. Sentiment scores from both Topsy or Zillow were relatively constant even during these type of announcements.
Both companies have many neutral sentiments; my reasoning is because costumers are not paying for the services, so it is not common for someone to complain. Zillow is a more widely known company and their social media data reflects that. Both Redfin and Zillow seem to be responsive to tweets addressed to them, and no groundbreaking occurrences have come from these two companies lately. It is safe to say social media content on Redfin and Zillow does not help determine which one has a better application or features, but we can say that they are both responsive to their followers and Zillow has a greater audience tuned in.



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by | May 19, 2014 · 2:55 pm

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