Maui Jim vs. Ray Ban – a comparative analytics !!!

Comparing the Topsy results for Maui Jim and Ray Ban tweeter performance, it was noticed Ray Ban (@ray_ban) has way more tweeter handle reference than Maui Jim (@OfficialMauiJim). While Maui Jim has only 2.2K tweeter handle reference, Ray Ban has a whopping 83K references. That implies Ray Ban maintains a much stronger marketing and social media presence over Tweeter. Although, it’s interesting to notice Maui Jim’s sentiment score (61) is quite higher than Ray Ban (9.7), and this may be due lower number of tweets and social presence drew lesser resentment for Maui Jim.

Maui Jim – Topsy results:


Ray-Ban – Topsy results:


Both Maui Jim and Ray-Ban shows very similar influence score in Klout. This might be because of their almost equivalent number of channel presence (facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube etc). It’s fascinating to see a much younger Maui Jim achieved an influence score very close to its pioneer rival Ray Ban. Detailed analysis on this influence score is not available as Klout uses its proprietary algorithm to deduce this number.

Maui Jim – Klout results:


Ray-Ban – Klout results:



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  1. khodayish aslan bavarm nemishe
    kheili khube

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