Honda vs Toyota – Social Analytics

I continued my comparison on Honda and Toyota from my assignment 1 where I had tried to research their social presence and had observed that Honda was active as compared to Toyota. (9.5k vs 6.5k tweets.  Hence, I have researched more using following tools on how active these companies and their followers are:

1) Followerwonk



Clearly, the user base for Toyota (19k users) is substantially large as compared to Honda (1.2k users) even though Honda offers more products than Toyota in the market and have a high tweeting and engagement rate compared to Toyota.  Followerwonk  shows only 0.5% of tweets being retweeted for Honda as compared to 16.5% for Toyota, @contacts for Honda though are much higher compared to Toyota. The URL tweets for Honda (13%) are also low compared to Toyota (27%).




The analysis from Social Mention can be verified here with Topsy to show Honda has been highly active in tweets for past month compared to Toyota. Its tweets seem to average around 23k per day as opposed to Toyota (@13k). The numbers are not similar in the reports but the activity is proportional in both the tools.


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