As this is one of the last assignments for the class, I reached back to the beginning to compare social mentions for John Deere and Caterpillar.

The first tool I went to was Social Mention – I picked Social Mention because it was free and it is something we had used during our Passion for American Rail Project. 

Overall I think the results are pretty interesting.  One of the things I keyed into on Social mention was “Sentiment” (Positive mentions to Negative mentions in Social Media), with John Deere scoring 27:1 vs. 6:1 for Caterpillar despite the 11% strength of the topic and the higher reach.

A funny note? Those negatives are not about farm equipment but actually hungry caterpillars.  J But it might be important in this case you have a company whose name is also a word, it must be more difficult for the Caterpillar company to pull it’s messaging out when it’s such a common name for an animal.


Over out on Klout – John Deere has 84 Klout and Caterpillar Inc (notice the Inc) actually has an impressive 86.  As comparison, Microsoft is 99, Google is 98 and Apple is 87, so the numbers can swing wildly based on brand.  It’s however a good indicator that both are about as equally engaged in social media.

With a lack of reliable freeware tools to track 3rd party sites, I turned to Keyhole.  Again, Deere is interesting here, producing 250k reach with about 400 unique users (across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).  Caterpillar is again an interesting story… it’s tough to separate the company from the animal in this case.  I went with a search on “CaterpillarInc” as the “Caterpillar” search gave me 3M subscribers.  Still.  There was an IMPRESSIVE turn out for Caterpillar, at 1.3M Reaches with a less impressive 76 users.  But upon a deeper dive, the primary term associated with CaterpillarInc was a hashtag named #katherine that had to do with a shark tracking mechanism (I could find no other reference to this, except the one guy who was spamming it over and over).

Keyhole brings up an interesting problem.  Looking more through Cat’s (and Deere’s) hashtag mentions, and taking into account the info from Klout (where it shows that they are “essentially equal”) one can perhaps get a different view depending on what one wants to see and what one digs into.  It’d be easy here to go into the tools and pull out great stats for Caterpillar.  In the end, tracking this data ends up more art than science.

Oh and to close, #NoTestAndy

Please… think of the children!

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