The Battle of the Clouds

Cloud computing is today’s fastest growing segment of technology. Cloud companies are categorized into three main segments: IAAS (Infrastructure as a service), PAAS (Platform as a Service) and SAAS (Software as a Service). In the first two segments, IAAS and PAAS, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the undisputed leader, with 30% of market share and $1 billion of revenue per quarter. Competitors such as Microsoft Windows Azure, Google Cloud Platform or VMWare among others, are trying to unseat Amazon’s as the world’s leader in cloud. Does Amazon Web Services has the same dominance on social media? To analyze how Amazon compares against its rivals on social media, we’ll use the following tools: Twitaholic, Followerwonk, Topsy, Keyhole, and SocialMention. The analysis will focus on Amazon Web Services (@awscloud) and Windows Azure (@azure).

Let’s start with Twitaholic which provides basic information about Twitter users.
Twitaholic is a directory of Twitter users.
@awscloud achieves better ranking than @azure by followers and in their respective geographical area within the Seattle metropolitan area.


Followerwonk provides detailed reports on Twitter users, as well as comparison between multiple Twitter user.

Followerwonk shows us that @azure is currently more active than @awscloud, achieving a greater engagement rate, total number tweets, number of followers and a more important social authority. It is worth noting that @awscloud has more retweet than @azure.

Topsy provides social media analytics allowing to search by time and place, set alerts, and analyze sentiment for tweets.
Topsy confirms that @azure is more active on Twitter than @awscloud.


Keyhole provides real time tracking of tweets, hashtags, URl, Instagram and Facebook account.
Keyhole gives us a better insight on both @azure and @awscloud. As shown in the picture below, we can see that @azure has more original post that @awscloud, but the later has more retweet than the former. They both are located in the same regions, with an important presence in North America, western Europe, and Australia. Emerging countries such as India and Brazil are also very active. It’s very interesting to note that China and Russia are not represented. Tweets for both accounts are cloud related, with more sources for @azure. Finally, the demographic of twitters for both products is male centric.


Social Mention
Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, news, videos.

Once again, Social Mention confirms the important engagement of @azure, confirmed by its strength and passion. The overall sentiment for both companies is neutral, with slightly more negative for Microsoft (7 vs. 3).


“The Battle of the Clouds” on social media is won by @azure, but @awscloud has become more engaged. It is hard to tell if the edge Microsoft has on social media is due to the fact that Azure is playing catch to Amazon Web Service.


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