Starbucks vs. Peet’s on Twitter

Let’s compare and contrast the success of the Twitter marketing efforts of Starbucks and Peet’s using a couple of popular social media analytics tools: Topsy and Klout.

According to Topsy, the @ mention volume of @starbucks is much higher, with 146k mentions over the past month, vs. 4.2k for @peets_tweets. Starbucks also have a higher sentiment score of 90, vs. 62 for Peet’s. It was difficult to find any negative tweets for Peet’s, however, so the difference may be due to idiosyncrasies of Topsy’s sentiment algorithm.

Peets Topsy results:


Starbucks Topsy results:


According to Klout, Starbucks and Peet’s have very similar influence scores, which is a good sign for Peet’s given its much lower volume of mentions on Twitter.



Because the algorithms used by Topsy and Klout are a black box, it’s difficult to reconcile Peet’s relatively low sentiment score on Topsy with its relatively high influence score on Klout. As a marketer for Peet’s or Starbucks, the best strategy is probably to monitor & diagnose how these scores change over time vs. competitors rather than place too much stock in their absolute value at a single point in time.

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