Social Mention vs Topsy on Ameritrade vs Scottrade

Once again, Ameritrade and Scottrade are selected for my social media research. We looked at their social media channels and cultures in my last write-up. Let’s analyze their social media activities through Social Mention and Topsy. Apparently Social Mention gives you a more “general” view of social media activities while Topsy puts more emphasis on tweets monitoring, though they provide links, photos and videos social presence analyses as well.

Social Mention (1st left) and Topsy (2nd and 3rd left) for Ameritrade:


Social Mention (1st left) and Topsy (2nd and 3rd left) for Scottrade:


Topsy offers a rolling tweet report for the last 25 days while Social Mention shows MTBM (Mean time between mentioned). Unfortunately, these numbers are not directly comparable, due to:

  1. Social Mention rolls up mentions from various social channels, while Topsy shows only number of tweets.
  2. It is impossible to re-construct the actual “mention data” from MTBM alone.

Next, let’s see if the sentiment scores from Topsy and Social Mention can give us some useful information. Social Mention and Topsy are consistent to yield a conclusion that Ameritrade had more positive social presence reports than Scottrade. Topsy sentiment score goes from 0 (completely negative) to 100 (completely positive), and is at 50 to be neutral. Unfortunately, Topsy doesn’t provide further information on how this score is calculated. Social Mention provided tallies of positive, neutral and negative social “pulses”, and the ratio of positive to negative mentions. Does a high positive to negative ratio a good metric? Does a high ratio bring false sense of security to social marketers? Superficially one would conclude that Ameritrade is doing much better on social channels. How can we know the “strength” of these negative comments by comprehending this data? Here’s my recommendation: Add a trend of sentiment score over a period of time, for example, last 24 hours. The rationale is that a powerful negative comment is highly contagious in social world, therefore, social marketers should be able to infer what is going on by looking at sentiment trend.



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