Should Sound Transit take over for King County Metro?

 King County Metro operates a fleet of over 1400 buses and a water taxi route, for the greater seattle area.  Another local transportation providor, Sound Transit, provides transportation via Link Light Rail, Train, and buses (although they contract out the operations of buses to King County Metro, Pierce Transit, and Community Transit) across the greater seattle area, Tacoma, and Everette.  But who does a better job?  If we take a look at social media, Sound Transit does.

 You can see that the sentiment towards Sound Transit is much more positive and has a farther reach than King County Metro.  (SocialMention Results).

    King County Metro          Sound Transit

KC Metro  Sound Transit


It is interesting to note that King County Metro’s Twitter is not even mentioned as a source as they do have a twitter account…searching under the twitter profile name (KCMetrobus) actually reduces the positive ratio and reach, and is still not listed as a source of data.  My guess is because the twitter interaction with the customer is generally very low.


         King County Metro                            Sound Transit



Recently with Propositin 1 to save King County Metro (and Roads) failing to pass, twitter has been more active about talking about King County Metro than normal.  Even with the increased buzz, King County has about as many tweets in the last 27 days as Sound Transit recieved in just 7.    King County Metro           Sound Transit



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