Mariners vs. Seahawks….is this a really a question?

Seattle is home to two professional level sports teams, the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Mariners. While they are not in direct competition with each other on the field, they are in competition for keeping fan interest which converts into dollars in the long run. In addition to this, much of the money made in profession sports is made based on the “brand” not exclusively from the wins/loss ratios of the team that hits the field. The brand of sports is much of the reason that we are willing to pay a salary of $240 Million dollars to secure a household name like Robinson Cano.

There are obvious differences right off the bat even before looking at their Social Media presence. The Seahawks are current Super Bowl champions and the Mariners have experienced several years of less than desirable baseball. The Seahawks are in their off season while the Mariners Season is currently underway. The Seahawks play significantly fewer games but are more reachable to the general masses as their games are televised on regular television channels. The Mariners play 162 games a year, but with only a few exceptions their games are televised on Root Sports a television station they own which is available on cable services like Comcast but not on Direct TV.

To start, let’s look at Topsy for the past month for both of these teams. You will see a lot more action for the Seahawks on Twitter than for the Mariners. While this may be alarming initially if you are responsible for the Mariners Social Media page it is important to remember that the NFL draft is currently going on, which clearly adds to the most recent peaks in chatter.



When we look at Social Mention we can see a clear difference between the two teams. Here are shots from the Seahawks and Mariners respectively. Again, the Seahawks are likely riding the wave of being Superbowl champs with their 25:1 sentiment ration. It’s hard to imagine much negativity being said about them (49 fans not included). You can also see that a much larger number of people are talking about the Seahawks overall. On the Mariners side, you will see a 16:1 ratio. Since Social Mention is a ‘point in time’ analytic, this number probably varies significantly based on the win or loss of the day’s game, and in this case, they beat the Twin’s 6-2 snapping a 4 game losing streak. The highlights of the game came from a stellar pitching performance from Felix Hernandez (@realkingfelix – 210K followers) and Robinson Cano (@robinsoncano – 457K followers).

Having a little more than half of the number of contributors as a team in the off season does not bode well for the overall sentiment towards the Mariners brand.



On Tweet Reach Seahawks:


On Tweet Reach Mariners:


Tweet Reach is the first time we see higher exposure for the Mariners than for the Seahawks. This is likely a direct result of the Mariners winning a game today.

With both teams vying for top spot when it comes to their $150 jerseys and unlimited options of swag, social media can help them by allowing fans to feel connected to the players even during the off season or at times when the team is showing less than ideal results on the field.


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