Jaguar vs Land Rover

Tata Motors, an Indian company (and a spinoff of Tata) shot to fame in 2008 for launching the Nano, the world’s smallest car. They made even bigger headlines in 2009 when they acquired both Jaguar and Land Rover. Now five years later, how are their luxury brands doing when compared with one another. I looked at Twitter Activity for both JaguarUSA and LandRoverUSA using Keyhole, Klout and Topsy.

From Keyhole, first I looked at their Twitter activity. The team at @JaguarUSA is significantly more active than the team at @LandRoverUSA. In the last 5 days, Jaguar had 194 posts with a reach of 5.2M users and 11.8 M impressions compared to LandRovers 39 posts with a reach of 115K users and 118K impressions. The demographics of Jaguar followers is 81% male, versus 71% for LandRover. Jaguar activity also generated a word cloud which gives some insight into why Jaguar has such a commanding lead.


Jaguar is currently running an ad campaign called Good To Be Bad (which features the hashtags #GoodToBeBad, #VillianAcademy) featuring actors that play villain’s all driving Jaguars. Land Rover is currently running an ad campaign called “Driven to another Level” where they are not promoting hashtags for following the ad campaign, rather just linking back to the main Land Rover twitter account. Clearly, the Jaguar team is trying to create a conversation by their core demographics (men who want to be viewed as good bad guys) vs. Land Rover which is purposely NOT trying to create a conversation with their customers (see article at Interestingly, Land Rover is trying to use social media to replicate the experience of driving a Land Rover in a challenging situation (they are running a tv commercial called “To the Top” which features a Land Rover climbing a mountain. They have also created a game at called Race the Sun which allows users to simulate putting a Land Rover through its paces in several scenarios. Both Jaguar and LandRover have dedicated interactive digital media pages that function as aggregators of content at and

JaguarUSA features a Klout score of 81, while LandRoverUSA comes in at 65, and again, Klout can find recent postings by the Jaguar Team, but none by the Land Rover Team.


Topsy shows 19 posts by JaguarUSA in the last 13 days with a sentiment score of 50, and LandRoverUSA shows 14 posts over the last 13 days with a sentiment score of 55.
In conclusion, I believe Jaguar is generally showing more traction because they are running an ad campaign that targets their core demographic market (middle aged men) with a slightly naughty message and they are encouraging people to participate in their social media campaign. Conversely, Land Rover is running a campaign trying to promote getting people away from their computers and actually into their vehicles doing stuff outdoors, and as a result their social campaign shows little activity.

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