Is the next big thing already here?


Samsung’s advertising campaigns suggest that the next big thing is already here (their phone of course).  Jump past the break to see what the social media world thinks…

Looking at the analytics on TOPSY we can see that as least as far as tweet count, the iphone is talked about almost an order of magnitude more than the new Samsung phone.


Iphone has a much higher tweet count as well as higher sentiment scores from TOPSY


So does this make any difference in the real world and to the bottom line.  While we can’t say if one causes the other, we do see a correlation between these results and first week sales of each phone after launch.

Galaxy-S5-Chart-1 gives an interesting second look at the topic.  They allow you to see more details as to the reach, passion, and positivity (or negativity) surrounding the post.  Like TOPSY we see that the iPhone has more reach and more overall tweets, but interestingly we see that the Galaxy has a better ratio of positive sentiment.


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