Hulu vs Netflix: Content Show Down

Hulu vs Netflix: Content Show Down

My analysis was based on HULU & NETFLIX, two great video services I use for entertainment. While they both provide content for a monthly fee, they each focus on different content types primarily. Hulu, on current tv shows. And Netflix on back catalog tv shows, blockbuster movies, and documentaries. They offerings attract different audience types which engage differently across social media.

Volume Winner – Netflix

Netflix has been in business a lot longer than hulu, and has built a wider audience and global presence. As a result, Netflix has 10-15x volume of tweets each day compared to Hulu. [Source Topsy]. Netflix also has more citations in blogs, by about 2:1, than Hulu. [Source: Icerocket]. The volume hear is likely driven by audience size, given both companies are very active on social channels.






Engagement Winner – Hulu

While Netflix has much greater volume of tweets / day than Hulu, they don’t have nearly the positive sentiment ratio as does Hulu. Looking at the positives / negative sentiment ratios, Netflix has a small 4:1 ratio vs 29:1 ratio for Hulu. Hulu has both more people saying positive things as well as less people saying negative things, relatively speaking.

6 7 8 9

Sources – Photobucket, Friendfeed, and everything else

I hadn’t realized photobucket was such a huge source for social mentions, in general, and then especially for hulu and Netflix. It was the single biggest source. For some limited research, it seems there were pictures of actors and tv or movie scenes. But even for other test searches for other companies, Honda and Red Robin, showed photobucket as a top source of mentions. Didn’t see that coming. Notable absentee is twitter for both Netflix and Hulu. (Red Robin had twitter as its second highest source).

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Aaron Lauper


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