Hashtag Analytics with TweetBinder: Pixar vs. Dreamworks

TweetBinder is a simple-to-use online analytics platform to track and evaluate Twitter hashtags, one useful way of gauging the conversation around brands online. For anyone unfamiliar, tweets often include #summaries that promote visibility of a personal tweet pertinent to a larger conversation. Brand managers can review mentions of their organization or products, and even attempt to guide or intervene if a negative tone takes hold.


TweetBinder offers a free search functions with an option to “Go Pro” by selecting plans and pricing.

Pixar vs. Dreamworks

Both of these animation studios are well-represented and popular with social media users. A simple search for #pixar reveals a dashboard with this month’s tweet count, options to filter by content type, and a stats tab.


The free statistics offer general information on the impact of these tweets, average followers per tweet contributor, and total reach. “Suggested terms” is a helpful sidebar feature. A fair amount of information can be gleaned from the free version alone. Tabs along the top lead to “Tweets & Binders,” and “Contributors.” These allow actionable insights, such as identification of specific contributions that carried great impact. This matters less for smaller brands when the page manager can read every tweet, but hashtag tracking for a combination of media properties and slang would quickly build the workload past that point.


Now for #dreamworks…


Dreamworks received 450 direct hashtag mentions this month; they received fewer tweets, but their contributors had more followers on average, making their reach and impact disproportionately high for having only 1/4 of the mentions. Looking at the contributor tab:TweetBinder3Brand managers can see who’s active, who’s impactful, and respond to or retweet them to maintain the advantage. Accounts that refer to Dreamworks creations like minions would likely be open to pleasant public back-and-forth to increase the account’s reputation, and the larger their network, the better. That is one simple way to create value from this free online tool.






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  1. Ooooohhhh me likely this tool you used…thanks for sharing

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